Kaiserschmarrn in the nature park Sölktäler | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm Kaiserschmarrn in the nature park Sölktäler | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm
In the heart of nature

Alpine cuisine at the mountain huts of Styria

Early in the morning, the mountain huts of Styria are already buzzing with life. Fresh milk is processed into creamy butter and tasty cheese. From the oven wafts the irresistible smell of crusty farmer’s bread. At some huts, the hosts even cure their own bacon.

If you’re looking for pure taste without artificial additives, look no further than the mountain huts in the green heart of Austria. Enjoy Styrian hospitality and splendid views of the surrounding mountain world.

It’s easy to unwind and enjoy life at the mountain huts of Styria. Austria’s greenest province boasts about 1,900 alpine pastures and huts, spread across a total surface of 46,000 hectares. They are surrounded by a national park, seven nature parks, one UNESCO biosphere park and more than 40 Natura 2000 Europe protected areas. And did you know that Naturpark Almenland nature preserve in East Styria is one of Europe’s largest contiguous alpine pasture areas?

Where there are alpine pastures, there are mountain huts – so come in and enjoy the heartfelt hospitality of the Styrian hosts!

Styria boasts plenty of opportunities to hike from hut to hut and from one alpine treat to the next.

Culinary delights at the alpine pastures of Styria

The “Kulinarium Steiermark” huts serve top-class delicacies ranging from classic Kaspressknödel soup to exquisite specialties such as char terrine or venison ragout.

Our tip: The “Kulinarium Steiermark” huts follow the ten “enjoyment rules” of the "Kulinarium Steiermark" partners. These revolve around authentic cuisine, regional ingredients and creative Styrian dishes. 

s`ALMBUFFet, gemütliche Sitzmöglichkeiten | © s`ALMBUFFet
  • Tauplitz


The Almbuffet is located directly at the parking lot on the Tauplitzalm.
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Singerhauser Hütte | © Singerhauser Hütte
  • Bad Mitterndorf


The Singerhauserhütte is a small rustic hut, in the middle of the forest, suitable for cozy hours or boisterous...
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Loserhütte, Altaussee, Loser | © Loserhütte
  • Altaussee

Helis Loserhütte (Alpenverein)

Rustic hut at 1,540 meters above sea level with large sun terrace and fantastic panoramic views (closed in bad weather).
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Jausenstation Kahlseneck, Altaussee, Terrasse | © Jausenstation Kahlseneck_Familie Pichler
  • Altaussee

Jausenstation Kahlseneck

Recharge your batteries - find relaxation, this is how the visit to the snack station for gourmets is described. If...
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Sonnschien Schutzhaus | © Sonnschien - Schutzhaus
  • Tragöß - Sankt Katharein

Sonnschien - Schutzhaus

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Rührer | © TV Kapfenberg
  • Kapfenberg


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Prieselbauer 1
  • Kapfenberg

Einkehr Prieselbauer

Stop at Prieselbauer Located directly on the Wulfingweg - culinary delicacies - petting zoo
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Hofladen Hirschgehege Hauser
  • Lobmingtal

Hofladen-Hirschgehege Hauser

The farm shop with snack station offers everything to do with game! Products from our own production: Game, eggs from...
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Jausenstation zum Blochwirt | © Dr. Eflriede Pfeifenberger
  • Edelschrott

Jausenstation Blochwirt

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  • Oberwölz-Lachtal


The Kleinlachtalhütte is located at 1733 meters above sea level and is managed as a snack station from July to...
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Jausenstation Stieger | © H. Rastl
  • Bad Mitterndorf

Jausenstation Stieger

Jausenstation Stieger, the gem in the middle of untouched nature!
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Obere Pussorhütte_Außenansicht | © TV Lipizzanerheimat/EU
  • Kainach bei Voitsberg

Obere Pussorhütte

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Certified alpine cuisine

What do the mountains taste like? They taste like authenticity, a sense of belonging, indulgence and variety. This is certified by the Austrian Alpine Association’s “So schmecken die Berge” (taste of the mountains) quality seal. It is bestowed on mountain huts and restaurants that serve alpine specialities that are as local and regional as can be and come from ecological mountain farming. The following mountain huts in Styria carry the quality seal:

Respecting grazing cattle  

Grazing cattle is a common sight on the alpine pastures of Styria. Please respect the animal’s feeding grounds and the fact that they are a part of Austrian mountain life.

Picturesque alpine pasture hikes in Styria

Hike across alpine meadows in bloom, let your thoughts run free, soak up the sun and enjoy local delicacies at a mountain hut. The alpine pastures in the green heart of Austria invite you to relax and unwind.

Other culinary experiences in the green heart of Austria