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Fascinating natural gems, impressive mountains and exciting cultural sites

Experience and discover the region around Erzberg

On your marks, get set, experience! In ERZBERG LEOBEN, guests go on a multifaceted journey of discovery. Whether you’re a nature lover, a motor sports enthusiast, an adventure-seeker, or a culture lover – the region around Erzberg boasts pure variety.

Discover the adventure of ore mining

Erzberg, also known as the "Styrian pyramid", is a hive of activity. It has long been internationally known for being a unique event location. The Erzbergrodeo and the Krone Adventure Days are among the annual highlights that attract visitors from around the world. And even when there are no events taking place, there is plenty going on in the ore mining area.

On Hauly rides, guests explore the terrain from the viewing platform of converted heavy-duty trucks. Exciting exhibits can be admired at the "Oswaldi" open-air exhibition. Considered an impressive highlight as well: the charcoal blast furnace at Radwerk IV in Vordernberg. It stands on the main square in Vordernberg and is the only one of its kind still in existence.

Mountain adventures on Präbichl

Hiking, biking, climbing, skiing and more: There is hardly a mountain sport you can’t do on Präbichl. With or without snow, active nature lovers get their money's worth on the mountain. For adventure seekers, an exciting programme of activities awaits at Alpfox Adventure Park:

  • At the high-ropes course, there are 15 different routes for every skill level.
  • On the "Flying Foxy" zipline, daredevils swoosh across the crystal clear waters of Lake Grüblsee at an altitude of 15 metres.
  • A three-wheeled experience of the thrilling kind is a ride on the mountain carts, ensuring maximum downhill fun.

Speaking of nature: A special kind of nature experience awaits visitors to Präbichl hut village. Surrounded by a unique mountain backdrop, guests can spend relaxing stays at ten self-catering huts. The village is particularly popular in the winter months. The reason for this is its direct connection to Präbichl ski resort.

Wilder Berg in Mautern

Families with children can expect a mountain full of adventures in Mautern. Even the way up to the top becomes an exciting journey of discovery on the forest hiking trail. At various stations, you can learn more about the topics of wood, forests and nature on Wilder Berg. The mountain experience starts quite comfortably with a ride on the chairlift or the bus.

During the lift ride, passengers can already see some wild animals. Once at the top, they get to visit wild animal feedings, bird of prey shows or take part in alpaca hikes. And the way back down to the valley is exciting as well: On a mountain cart or the Wiesengleiter, you’ll experience a speedy descent!

Unique experience tip: If you want to be right in the middle of all the action, you can try your hand at being an animal keeper for a day and help out at the wildlife park. The tasks include mucking out the enclosures and assisting with feeding the animals.

Refreshing natural jewels

There are two very special natural treasures in the ERZBERG LEOBEN region: Grüner See (Green Lake) and Lake Leopoldsteinersee, both surrounded by unspoilt nature. The former is known far beyond the region because of the unique emerald-green colour of its waters.

Although the sight of the crystal-clear water and the mountains behind is certainly one to behold, there also numerous other experiences waiting for you all around: from hiking trails to via ferratas with magnificent views.

Feel-good moments and bathing fun at Asia Spa Leoben

Guests experience Chinese flair at Asia Spa Leoben. The spa was designed and built according to the principles of Feng Shui. Its facilities include:

  • a diverse sauna area (five-elements sauna, Erzberg Stollen, aromatic steam bath and more)
  • numerous pools such as the lotus blossom pool or the relaxation pool
  • various spa treatments such as massages, cosmetic treatments and feel-good packages
  • a variety of sports such as swimming and yoga lessons

Little visitors will enjoy the Wasserwelt (Water World) with various slides and a climbing wall at the edge of the pool. And when the weather is nice, how about a visit to the outdoor area of the Aubad?

Experience culture around Erzberg

It is thanks to Erzberg that mining customs found their way into the region a long time ago. Associations and institutions contribute to keeping these traditions alive. Numerous customs are integrated into the Advent celebrations in particular. In Leoben's student life, influences from mining customs can be found in rites such as the Ledersprung or Philistrierung.

Other interesting places to immerse yourself in the region’s culture are the local museums. Eisenerz is a true museum city: In eight different locations, guests can choose from a range of multifaceted offers. In Leoben, you can learn more about local history in the city's museum and then visit an exhibition at the Kunsthalle art gallery.

Culinary experiences and discoveries

Once your hunger for experience has been satisfied, it’s time to pamper your palate. In ERZBERG LEOBEN, there’s not just nature and culture to discover but also culinary delights. The best part: The restaurants, inns and huts are often in a perfect location. Would you like some examples?

  • During a hike around Präbichl, Reichensteinhütte invites you to stop for a bite to eat. You’ll be able to enjoy regional delicacies alongside unique vistas.
  • On Wilder Berg in Mautern, guests can choose from two culinary establishments: Steinbockalm, at the summit, is one of the Kulinarium Steiermark establishments and, in the valley, Bärenstube offers traditional cooking.
  • The dishes at the restaurants at Grüner See (Green Lake) and Lake Leopoldsteinersee are served against a unique natural backdrop. A popular place to stop for a bite to eat is Seestüberl at Lake Leopoldsteinersee, whose fish dishes make gourmets’ palates rejoice.
  • Between relaxing hours and bathing fun, no culinary wishes are left unfulfilled at Asia Spa Leoben. The offers range from authentic Asian dishes to Austrian classics such as Schnitzel.
  • Culture and culinary delights go hand in hand in ERZBERG LEOBEN. The best example of this are the guided culinary bike tours. You will not only stop at different places to learn exciting facts about the region but also discover numerous local producers and shops.

Spend an exciting holiday in ERZBERG LEOBEN