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Schneeschuh-"Parkplatz" | © Erzberg Leoben | WEGES OG

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Spring, summer, autumn or winter: The surroundings of Erzberg and Leoben are breathtakingly beautiful every time of year. A wide range of sporty adventures is waiting to be experienced.

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ERZBERG LEOBEN truely is home of adventure and sports. From Abenteuer Erzberga vast variety of hiking and cycling tours to exciting and spectacular events and the impressive natural spectacle at Grüner See, unique excursion destinations await.

The Erzberg itself is considered an absolute must among the experiences. Riding in a converted Hauly, guests watch the blasting of 80,000 tons of ore once a week. At the unique museums along the Steirische Eisenstrasse (Styrian Iron Road) you learn about the beginnings of ore mining.

The wildlife park "Der Wilde Berg Mautern" is a popular destination for families. In addition to numerous indigenous animals, the park also offers a summer toboggan run, mountain carts and much more. Präbichl provides pure adventure on 365 days a year. Hiking routes, the Alpfox Adventure Park with climbing park, zipline, e-trial course and 20 kilometres of pistes in winter await you at the adventure mountain. 

Relaxing after an exciting adventurous day at one of the unique mountain lakes. Surrounded by dark forests and rugged rock faces, you hike around the Green Lake or the Leopoldstein Lake in the midst of intact nature.

After a day full of experiences, the spacious sauna area and the wellness area of the Asia Spa Leoben wait to be exlored. For the adventurers among the bathing guests, the spa offers a varied water world, with a turbo slide, climbing wall, outdoor area and adventure playground.

ERZBERG LEOBEN is experienced in a particularly exciting way at one of the thrilling events. Every year, 1500 riders go full throttle at the Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo, thousands of running enthusiasts compete at the Krone Erzberg Adventure Days or the engines roar at the Iron Road for Children.

Discover and experience erzberg leoben

ERZBERG LEOBEN has earned the title of "adventure and sport region". From Erzberg to challenging via ferratas and Grüner See( a mountain lake with an incomparable green colour), unique excursion destinations await.

Erzberg itself is also called the "Styrian pyramid" and is considered an absolute must for visitors to the region. From the viewing platform of a converted Hauly, you can find out how modern open-cast ore mining works. You will also learn about the beginnings of mining at the museums along the Eisenstraße (Iron Road).

A popular destination for families is Wilder Berg in Mautern. In addition to alpine wildlife living at the park, there is also a forest hiking trail rich in interesting facts about flora and fauna, mountain carts, and more. Präbichl offers pure variety as well. The mountain is a great location for hiking, climbing and skiing in winter. If you want to experience life at a hut first hand, we recommend you spend a few days at Hüttendorf Präbichl.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet in fresh air, you’ll find it at Grüner See and Lake Leopoldsteinersee. Amid untouched nature, you can hike or simply marvel at the lakes’ beauty from the lakeshore.

Asia Spa Leoben combines rest and relaxation with an Asia-inspired ambience. At the spacious sauna area and in the wellness area, you can treat yourself to a relaxing time off. For visitors leaning on the adventurous side, the spa offers a diverse Wasserwelt (pool area) with a sports pool, climbing wall and the spacious outdoor Aubad.

© Abenteuer Erzberg | A. Zöbel

Cultural adventures in ERZBERG LEOBEN

Lovers of culture and the arts as well as those interested in history can follow in the footsteps of Archduke Johann, who discovered his passion for the region many years ago. Today, historical exhibits are displayed in the museums, and visitors can learn all about mining customs. By the way, the traditions of the miners are still well and alive today. You’ll see this for yourself when you visit the numerous Advent festivities in the run-up to Christmas.

Culture & traditions in ERZBERG LEOBEN

Delicious experiences around Erzberg

ERZBERG LEOBEN has developed into a true GenussReich (realm of culinary pleasure) over the years. Many local producers spoil their guests with products from the region and supply local culinary establishments. In the region’s restaurants and inns, their products are turned into authentic Styrian delicacies but also into international dishes. As a refreshing accompaniment to your meal, you will most likely be served one of two very special local malt beverages: Gösser beer or Erzbergbräu beer.