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Satisfy your longing for tranquillity

Alpine pastures and mountain huts in Styria

An idyllic awakening – that's what you'll experience when you wake up in the morning not to the ringing of the alarm clock but to the tolling of cow bells. A fresh alpine breeze invigorates the spirit, and the gentle burble of a small stream soothes your soul. At the alpine huts in the green heart of Austria, the world still turns a little slower.

Fresh alpine breezes that invigorate the spirit and the soothing, gentle sound of small streams. At the alpine huts in the Green Heart of Austria, the world turns a little slower still.

Life at the alpine huts

Immersing yourself fully in the alpine lifestyle is best achieved on a hut holiday in a self-catering hut: Simply enjoy the carefree life on the alpine pasture and spend a wonderfully quiet time with your loved ones. An alpine holiday in Styria offers every guest the relaxation they desire.

Between Dachstein, Zirbitzkogel, Hochschwab and Koralm, the alpine summer invites you on scenic hikes to crystal-clear mountain lakes and peaks overlooking the region. In winter, tours of discovery – often with snowshoes on – lead you through picturesque snow-covered alpine landscapes.

Tip: The Almenland nature reserve in East Styria is considered the largest contiguous low-lying pasture area in Europe.

Alpine huts that have been in existence for decades enchant visitors with their rustic and cosy charm, while modern huts impress their guests with a touch of luxury. In the latter, you can enjoy wellness of a special kind: with a view of the pasture and the surrounding mountains. Depending on their location, the alpine huts in Styria can be reached either on foot, by car via toll roads, or with chairlifts and cable cars.

Long hikes from hut to hut

Once you have arrived at the mountain pastures, you'll want to spend as much time there as possible. Climb surrounding peaks on hiking tours, explore new trails and fully immerse yourself in nature. Of course, the many managed huts and mountain shelters also invite you to take a well-deserved break or maybe even spend the night.

The "From the Glacier to the Wine" hiking route is a hiking experience of the extraordinary kind. It leads hikers from the eternal ice of the Dachstein glacier down into the Wine Country of South and East Styria. Whether it's in the Gesäuse region or on Hochschwab, in the Schladming Tauern mountain range or in the Seetal Alps: The tour also takes you past countless alpine pastures and huts.

Experience the alpine pastures of Styria

Almost a quarter of all Austrian alpine pastures are located in Styria – that's around 1,900 pastures with a total surface area of 146,000 hectares. This corresponds to an area 2.7 times the size of Lake Constance or 67.6 times the size of Frankfurt Airport. Plenty of space, then, to leave the hustle and bustle behind and enjoy the peace and quiet high above the valley.

Tranquil and idyllic on the one hand, productive on the other: The alpine pastures are not only lush and green to the delight of the cows. Culinary traditions are also cultivated here, and butter, cheese as well as other local products are made by hand.

Everything is organic and regional: For breakfast, you get what the mountain pastures have to offer. Home-smoked bacon, hand-churned butter made from fresh milk or home-baked bread will all delight your palate.

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Die Grabneralm auf 1.395 m | © Stefan Leitner
  • Admont


Shortly before the Grabnerstein No Gesäuse without Grabneralm! Perhaps the alpine nature trail, the many goats or the...
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Steinschlosshütte neben der Burgruine | © Alexander Trienitz
  • Neumarkt in der Steiermark


The Steinschloss hut is located directly under the castle that give it its name. In the idyllic location, the hut...
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Günstner Wasserfall
  • Krakau

Jausenstation Wedam, Bar und Pub

Small waterfall tavern with a snack station at the foot of the Günstner waterfall. The Günster waterfall is one...
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  • Naturpark Sölktäler


Nature Park Sölktäler
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Almgasthaus Puster | © M. Maili
  • open today
  • Bruck an der Mur

Almgasthaus Puster

The Almgasthaus am Madereck can be heard in 1000 m, 1.5 hours walking time. Bruck's local mountain is an ideal...
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  • Schladming-Rohrmoos-Pichl


In the valley Obertal.
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  • Grimming-Donnersbachtal


What a magical place.
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  • Naturpark Sölktäler


Nature Park Sölktäler
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Blick auf den Reichenstein von der Leobner Hütte | © TV ERZBERG LEOBEN
  • Vordernberg

Leobner Hütte

The Leobner Hütte is located at 1,582m above sea level on the eastern slope of the 1,910m high Polster. It is the...
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  • Schladming-Rohrmoos-Pichl


Directly at the romantic Duisitzkar lake.
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  • Naturpark Sölktäler


Nature Park Sölktäler
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Stiftshütte | © Hubert Koller
  • Bad Schwanberg


The Stiftshütte on the Kärntner Brandl offers hikers a popular place to stop for refreshments.
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The diverse alpine pastures of Styria

Take in the scenic views of the mountains directly from the infinity pool. Or follow the cows' journey back to the valley during the traditional alpine cattle drive in autumn. Beautiful wellness spots, hikes to huts with breathtaking views and encounters with the animal inhabitants of the region make your stay at an alpine hut in Styria a one-of-a-kind adventure.