Riegersburg bei Sonnenaufgang | © Steiermark Tourismus | photo-austria.at Riegersburg bei Sonnenaufgang | © Steiermark Tourismus | photo-austria.at

Excursion destinations in Styria

Marvel at the Ice Palace up on the Dachstein and enjoy magnificent scenic views of the Niedere and Hohe Tauern mountain ranges all the way to the Großglockner. Take a relaxing dip in one of the nine thermal spas and feel the healing effects of the thermal water.

Visit the culinary manufactories of Zotter, Gölles and others, and go on a tour along the Styrian Wine Roads in the south and east of Styria. Be inspired by the cultural programme of the Graz Opera or the history of the Castle Road.

The most popular excursion destinations in Styria

Not knowing what to do really is not a thing in Styria. Fast cars at the Red Bull Ring or amazing plays of colour at the Green Lake in summer - graceful animals at the Lipizzaner Stud Piber or cultural impressions in the palace garden of Eggenberg Castle, the choices are endless. Below are the most popular excursion destinations in the Green Heart of Austria. 

Excursion destinations at a glance

Holidaymakers can experience a lot on day trips in Styria – come rain or shine, in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Below you will find all the excursion destinations filterable by categories and regions.

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Edlseer Hoamatmuseum_interior_Eastern Styria | © Edlseer Hoamatmuseum
  • open today
  • Birkfeld

Edlseer Museum

For more than a quarter of a century, the natives of Birkfeld have been delighting their audience with the unmistakable...
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  • open today
  • Heimschuh

Hartlieb oil mill

Hartlieb Oil Mill and Pumpkin Seed Oil Museum give visitors insights into the early days of pumpkin seed oil production...
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  • St. Radegund bei Graz

A Ride on the Hexenexpress Schöckl

A popular destination for families is the Schöckl mountain – this is a place to get moving – mountain-biking,...
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Wasserfall | © Robert Seebacher
  • open today
  • Tauplitz


Hardly any natural spectacle has such a great attraction as a waterfall. The Tauplitz waterfall is definitely worth a...
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Die größte Klosterbibliothek der Welt | © Stefan Leitner
  • open today
  • Admont

Library & Museum Stift Admont

Fine arts, contemporary art and natural history. Here, not only will you inform yourself about these subjects but you...
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Bikepark Flavia Solva | © A. Silberschneider | silberschneider.photography
  • Wagna

Bikepark Flavia Solva

Together with the Alpine Club Leibnitz, a bike park has been created in the Roman village of Wagna. The spacious bike...
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  • Graz

Diocese Museum

The Museum of the Styrian Church is located in the heart of the old town of Graz. Old town. It is a museum as well as a...
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Weinwarte | © Thermen- & Vulkanland, Daniela Neubauer
  • open today
  • St. Peter a. Ottersbach


The Weinwarte Sankt Peter am Ottersbach was completed at the beginning of 2004. The Perbersdorfberg on the southeast...
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Nickls Aronai_Berries_Eastern Styria | © Nickl's Aronia
  • open today
  • Passail

Nickl's Aronia

At the Ponsold family in Hohenau near Passail you can learn a lot about the Urarlte Aronia Beeere, stroll through the...
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Vulcano Schinkenmanufaktur | © Vulcano Schinkenmanufaktur
  • open today
  • Feldbach

Vulcano Schinken Welt

Vulcano Ham ManufactoryVulcano ham production is known for its specially matured types of cured ham. Dive into the...
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Pöllau Valley_Church_Eastern Styria
  • open today
  • Pöllau

Parish Church Pöllau

Visit the parish church Pöllau St. Vitus (former abbey church) in the Nature Park Pöllau Valley.
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Bootstour auf der Mur | © LE Bootshaus
  • Leoben

LE Bootshaus

The "Mur" river lures you to many great water sports experiences and we make them possible for you. At the LE-Bootshaus...
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