Winter balloon flight above Ramsau am Dachstein | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm Winter balloon flight above Ramsau am Dachstein | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm

Excursion destinations in Styria

Marvel at the Ice Palace up on the Dachstein and enjoy magnificent scenic views of the Niedere and Hohe Tauern mountain ranges all the way to the Großglockner. Take a relaxing dip in one of the nine thermal spas and feel the healing effects of the thermal water.

Visit the culinary manufactories of Zotter, Gölles and others, and go on a tour along the Styrian Wine Roads in the south and east of Styria. Be inspired by the cultural programme of the Graz Opera or the history of the Castle Road ...

Holidaymakers can experience a lot on day trips in Styria – come rain or shine, in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Below you will find all the excursion destinations filterable by category and directly below them are the most popular activities in Styria. 

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Sortenvielfalt der Blauen Wildbacher Traube | © Schilcherland Steiermark
  • St. Stefan ob Stainz

Schilcherweingut Friedrich

We are a 100% Schilcher winery and dedicate ourselves exclusively to the Blauer Wildbacher variety. We transform these...
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Luftaufnahme Thermenresort Loipersdorf | © Thermenresort Loipersdorf
  • Bad Loipersdorf

Thermal Spa Resort Loipersdorf

Experience the pure joy of life at Thermenresort Loipersdorf. Three different hot spring bath areas provide kicks and a...
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Golfplatz | © GV Murstätten
  • Lebring-St. Margarethen

Golf club Gut Murstätten

The 36-hole course at the Golf club Gut Murstätten ranks among Austria's leading golf courses and leaves nothing to be...
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Sonnenterrasse vor dem Haus, Kastanienhof Klug | © Schilcherland Steiermark
  • St. Stefan ob Stainz

Wein- und Kastanienhof Klug

We are not only home to wine, but also to chestnuts for more than 20 years. A wine experience directly at Hochgrail...
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Stadtturm Judenburg-Murtal-Steiermark | © Stadtmarketing Judenburg
  • Judenburg

Star Tower Planetarium Judenburg

Europe's most modern small planetarium in Austria's highest city tower offers spectacular dome projections and takes...
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  • Deutschlandsberg

Schloss Frauental

The Frauental or Frauenthal Castle is a castle in the municipality of Deutschlandsberg in Styria. Its history goes back...
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Schaufelradbagger Leopold | © Die Abbilderei, Dieter Sajovic
  • Voitsberg

Energy Adventure Park Zangtal

On this renovated mining site you can recharge your batteries and roam through invigorating nature, between works of...
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Kunsthalle Feldbach | © Stadtgemeinde Feldbach
  • Feldbach

Kunsthalle Feldbach

"Art should move people. It is a part of man, like religion or politics. Without art, life would be very bland." (Dr....
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früherer Altar | © Verein Naturpark Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen
  • Neumarkt in der Steiermark

St. George's church

Behind a farm in St. Georgen, archeologists have unearthed the remains of St. George's Church, which burned down 200...
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Nostalgiewelt Posch | © Nostalgiewelt Posch
  • Feldbach

Nostalgiewelt Posch

Experience the beginnings of technology and marvel at a wide variety of classic cars from the last 120 years, including...
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Ökopark © TV Hartbergerland, Bernhard Bergmann
  • Hartberg

Ökopark Hartberg

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Unser hausgebrautes Bier | © Brauerei Hausmi
  • St. Stefan ob Stainz

Privatbrauerei St. Stefaner

Since September 2012, the 1st St. Stefan private brewery of the family Köberl vlg. Hausmi brews its own beer.
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The most popular excursion destinations in Styria

Not knowing what to do really is not a thing in Styria. Fast cars at the Red Bull Ring or amazing plays of colour at the Green Lake - graceful animals at the Lipizzaner Stud Piber or cultural impressions in the palace garden of Eggenberg Castle, the choices are endless. Below are the most popular excursion destinations in the Green Heart of Austria.