Zipline at the Stoderzinken | © | Christoph Huber Zipline at the Stoderzinken | © | Christoph Huber

Excursion destinations in Styria

Marvel at the Ice Palace up on the Dachstein and enjoy magnificent scenic views of the Niedere and Hohe Tauern mountain ranges all the way to the Großglockner. Take a relaxing dip in one of the nine thermal spas and feel the healing effects of the thermal water.

Visit the culinary manufactories of Zotter, Gölles and others, and go on a tour along the Styrian Wine Roads in the south and east of Styria. Be inspired by the cultural programme of the Graz Opera or the history of the Castle Road ...

Holidaymakers can experience a lot on day trips in Styria – come rain or shine, in spring, summer, autumn or winter.

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Weinbaumuseum | © Buschenschank Glirsch
  • Eibiswald

Weinbaumuseum Glirsch

Viticulture is more than just picking grapes and turning them into a tasty drink. Viticulture has shaped times and...
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Wasser und Wald im Naturpark | © Naturpark Mürzer Oberland
  • Neuberg an der Mürz

Nature Park Mürzer Oberland

Nature and culture for our senses The Naturpark Mürzer Oberland is nestled behind the mountain peaks of Rax,...
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Basilika im Frühling | © TVB Mariazeller Land, Foto:
  • Mariazell

Basilika Mariazell

The prominence of the region Mariazeller Land stems from the famous pilgrimage church Basilika Mariazell, which has...
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  • Deutschlandsberg

Kirche zum Heiligen Ulrich

This idyllic church with a great history is located on the outskirts of the town of Deutschlandsberg.
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Skulptur beim Stiegenaufgang | © Skulpturenhaus
  • Deutschlandsberg

Skulpturenhaus Hortensia

the sculptor Hortensia Fussy has created an art venue in Bad Gams.
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Schaufelradbagger Leopold | © Die Abbilderei, Dieter Sajovic
  • Voitsberg

Energy Adventure Park Zangtal

On this renovated mining site you can recharge your batteries and roam through invigorating nature, between works of...
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Wallfahrtskirche Maria Osterwitz | © Kath. Kirche Stmk.
  • Deutschlandsberg

Wallfahrtskirche Maria Osterwitz

The Roman Catholic parish church of Maria Osterwitz is surrounded by an old church wall in a beautiful mountain...
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Willkommen im Forstmuseum Silvanum | © Stefan Leitner
  • Landl

Forstmuseum Silvanum

Großreifling and its Silvanum. What exactly is that, you might ask? It’s an old granary, which was turned into the...
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Alpenkräutergarten Käfer | © Alpenkräutergarten Käfer
  • Pöllau

Alpine Herbal Garden Käfer

Our "Garden of Contrasts", on ca. 600 m², is a colourful selection of herbs, common peonies as well...
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Erlebnisweg Roßlochklamm 1 | © Naturpark Mürzer Oberland
  • Neuberg an der Mürz

Adventure trail Roßlochklamm

The "Erlebnisweg Roßlochklamm" The "Erlebnisweg Roßlochklamm" adventure trail is not far from Mürzsteg - in the...
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Käseverkostung | © Schilcherland Steiermark
  • Frauental an der Laßnitz

Bio-Hofkäserei Deutschmann

"For us, organic raw milk is the basis for the highest cheese quality" Gertrud and Franz Deutschmann. Franz...
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  • Deutschlandsberg

Golfclub Schloss Frauental

The golf course with the two different faces- a sporting challenge for beginners and professionals -
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