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Ausseerland Salzkammergut

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High up on the peaks of the imposing mountain world, from the Loser - the local mountain of the local Altaussee inhabitants - to the "Totes Gebirge", or on the "Tauplitzalm", you feel a bit closer to heaven. The beauty of Lake Altaussee, Lake Grundlsee or Lake Ödensee, with colors ranging from Caribbean to deep blue, is impressive and hard to put into words. If you take enough time to discover the regions, step by step, the Ausseerland shows its most beautiful side at any time of the year ...

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Spring in the Ausseerland

In spring ,the daffodil is the center of attention. Whenever the white, star-shaped flowers turn the meadows into a fragrant sea of blossoms again, a festive mood arises in Ausseerland: The daffodil festival has been taking place for over 60 years and combines tradition with nature and hospitality.

© Katrin Kerschbaumer Photography | Katrin Kerschbaumer Photography

A paradise for summer visitors

Many years ago - in 1847 to be precise - Altaussee became a summer resort for local artists such as Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Franz Grillparzer. Even today, the Ausseerland is still a popular source of inspiration for freelance artists. Whether at the lakes, or the nature experience places in the natural environment. There are no limits for creativity.

Probably one of the most beautiful ways to discover the Ausseerland is a boat trip. You can choose between nostalgic liners or the wooden boats, known in the region as Plätten. Gliding across the lakes at a leisurely pace on board, the summer moment in Ausseerland is perfect.

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Golden autumn in the Ausseerland

The Ausseerland is particularly magnificent in autumn, when the leaves turn warm shades of yellow, red and brown. The ideal time for nature lovers to hike along the mountain-lake trail through the multifaceted landscape. The autumnal temperatures also invite you to go cycling. Both, leisurely cyclists and adventurous bikers get their money's worth. When riding through the Ausseerland,
the love for horses can be combined with a magnificent panorama.

© Tom Lamm | | Tom Lamm

Enchanting winter freshness in Ausseerland

Ice crystals on the trees, a thick blanket of snow on the ground - in the winter months, Ausseerland has a very special charm:

  • While skiing in the family-friendly ski resorts, parents and children enjoy time together.
  • Cross-country skiers will find their personal challenge, in the varied network of trails between Altaussee and Tauplitz.
  • During winter hiking and carriage rides through the snow-covered landscape, the Ausseerland shows its romantic side.
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Culinary delights, art and culture

Whether in a restaurant, a visit to a museum or a tour of a company - in Ausseerland there are
countless opportunities to broaden your horizons.

When it comes to food, the people of Aussee are eager to experiment. Traditional delicacies such as the sweet Ausseer gingerbread or the heart-warming Zottler are among the popular classics. When it comes to fish, the regional chefs are real experts and conjure up true culinary delights. But also specialties such as pestos, liqueurs and spirits are home-made.

In addition, the Styrian Salzkammergut offers pure diversity in cultural terms. Traditional festivals such as the Ausseer Fasching or the UNESCO World Heritage Nicolo Festival bear witness to the festive mood of the locals. The openness of the Ausseerland for contemporary and forward-looking things is proven by exhibitions of modern artists and other creative free spirits.

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One thing is clear, beautiful moments arise on every corner in the Ausseerland. Here you will find tips for tours, excursion destinations, events as well as practical information on travelling and mobility and much more.

© Katrin Kerschbaumer Photography | Katrin Kerschbaumer Photography


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