Winegrower Hans Söll, Sernauberg | © Südsteiermark | Tom Lamm Winegrower Hans Söll, Sernauberg | © Südsteiermark | Tom Lamm
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If you are in the mood for varied day trips, you are sure to find what you are looking for in the holiday regions of Styria.

There is a wide range of activities to choose from, depending on your holiday preferences:

  • adventurous rafting tours, for instance, through the emerald waters of the Styrian Salzatal valley,
  • nostalgic rides on steam trains such as the Erzberg Railway,
  • atmospheric wine tastings at traditional vineyards in Southern Styria,
  • and more ...

Memorable holiday experiences in Styria


With the Styria vouchers it is easy to gift joy. The vouchers offer a wealth of possibilities. Over 120 culinary partners invite you to enjoy, 110 accommodation establishments to stay and 9 excursion destinations to discover.

You have the choice and can... the voucher individually online and print it out at home
...have it conveniently sent to you in check format in the value of € 20,- € 50,- or € 100,- (free shipping) the voucher personally at the Steiermark Tourismus Office (St.-Peter-Hauptstraße 243, 8042 Graz) and take it with you

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