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From historic castles and palaces to exhibitions of contemporary art and modern architecture: Styria delights with its distinctive cultural diversity. Fine arts or literature, folklore events or traditional costumes: If you want to find out which cultural treasures in the city and the countryside make the hearts of locals and guests beat faster, you should definitely read on.

Eleven regions full of unique cultural highlights

The cultural treasures of Styria

Culture and the arts play an important role in all regions of Styria. In addition to internationally renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites and countless excursion destinations, small towns and their long history full of special traditions invite visitors to go on a journey of discovery. The design capital Graz boasts a flourishing cultural and creative scene that skilfully combines the tried and tested with the contemporary. A variety of events and festival series such as "Kulturgenuss im Grünen" (cultural enjoyment in the open air) spice up every season.

Speaking of seasons: Authentic customs and folk culture come to life all year round in the green heart of Austria. They're expressed, for instance, in traditional costume fashion, folk music as well as arts and crafts. If you want to take Styria home with you, you can do so at farmers' markets, in traditional costume shops or in design shops. That's where you can find special products ranging from authentic dirndl fabric to design objects.

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Culture and the arts in Styria: top 10 tips

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Cultural offers and events

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Museums and galeries in Styria

KULturZentrum KUZ Kapfenberg
  • Kapfenberg

KULturzentrum Kapfenberg

Cultural centre Kapfenberg (KUZ) - Gallery  City Museum  City library
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Radwerk | © Hochofenmuseum Radwerk IV
  • Vordernberg

Hochofenmuseum Radwerk IV

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Ausstellung | © Peter Michelitsch
  • Deutschlandsberg

Kulturforum Laßnitzhaus Deutschlandsberg

Right next to the center there is an event hall at Hollenegger Straße 8 with the Laßnitzhaus, which is suitable for a...
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Kunsthaus Weiz
  • Weiz

Kunsthaus Weiz

The Weizer Kunsthaus is the heart of the regional art and culture business.
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Klingenschmiede Außen
  • Weiz


On the outskirts of Weiz there is still the old Mosdorfer factory from the late 18th century with the blade and scythe...
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Bauernmuseum Gundersdorf | © Schilcherland Steiermark
  • St. Stefan ob Stainz

Bauernmuseum Gundersdorf

Insights into agriculture from 1850-1970!
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Blumenwiese | © Schilcherland Steiermark
  • Deutschlandsberg

Art Galerie N

Exhibitions in and around the garden. 
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Museumscenter und Kunsthalle Leoben | © @erzbergleoben
  • Leoben

MuseumsCenter und Kunsthalle

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Museum Krogger | © Michael Fischer
  • Pöllau

Museum of Folklore

The museum has three exhibition rooms with a large collection of household items. 
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Innenhof | © Steiermark Tourismus
  • St. Lambrecht

Benedictine monastery of St. Lambrecht

For more than 900 years, the Benedictine monastery of St. Lambrecht has shaped not only the local landscape of the...
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Skulptur beim Stiegenaufgang | © Skulpturenhaus Hortensia
  • Deutschlandsberg

Skulpturenhaus Hortensia

the sculptor Hortensia Fussy has created an art venue in Bad Gams.
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Nine regions and countless special experiences

The green heart of Austria – more than just culture in Styria