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Panorama Maria Lankowitz | © Die Abbilderei  Sajovic&Scherr GesbR | Die Abbilderei

summer in Graz

The Graz Region offers numerous activities and sights in summer. Picturesque lakes, refreshing baths and culinary highlights invite you to discover them. The historic centre of Graz enchants visitors with its charm and cultural events such as La Strada. Outdoor fans will find perfect conditions for hiking and cycling tours in the surrounding hills and forests. Hidden treasures such as the Lurgrotte cave and a wide range of accommodation options round off the offer. Summer in Graz promises adventure, relaxation and unforgettable moments.

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Some say that the best time of the vacation is the preparation and the anticipation that grows with it. Of course, you can also enjoy the region of Graz quite spontaneously, but those who prefer to plan in advance will find the most important information here.