On the way from Guttenberghaus to Stoderzinken | © Steiermark Tourismus | Pixelmaker On the way from Guttenberghaus to Stoderzinken | © Steiermark Tourismus | Pixelmaker
From one natural treasure to the next

Long-distance hiking in Styria

Paradise is a place on earth. However, to find your personal green oasis far away from the hustle and bustle, you need a bit of patience and stamina. During long-distance hiking in Styria, you learn how to experience time differently. Almost imperceptibly, your feet will come to move in time with the quiet rhythm of nature …

The most stunning long-distance hiking routes in Styria

Eight of the ten long-distance hiking trails of the Austrian Alpine Club lead through Styria. What used to be historic trade routes are now perfect paths to self-awareness. Long-distance hiking is a great opportunity to get away from it all, to escape the everyday and reconnect with the simple things in life – and ultimately, with yourself.

The fascination of long-distance hiking

It’s the moderate rhythm of your steps that makes long-distance hiking both fascinating and soothing. In-between steps, daydreams are born, and thoughts fall into place. And it’s not just yourself you get to know better during a long-distance hike in Styria. It’s also the region’s picturesque landscape and its people you become acquainted with in the most authentic way.

By the way: While long-distance hiking in itself is not a new invention, it has definitely been “rediscovered” during the last couple of years. Back in the day, merchants and journeymen used to walk from village to village and from country to country. What used to be a necessity, today has become a passion for many of us. That’s also reflected by the multitude of guidebooks and coffee-table books on long-distance hiking and pilgrimage that line the shelves of today’s bookstores.

Is it the process of breaking away from well-trodden paths? The rediscovery of the essential things in life? The conscious exercise out in nature or simply the feeling of finding purity away from the mundane? It’s possibly a mixture of all of the above that inspires so many of us to embark on a long-distance hike in the Alps.

Long-distance hiking with children

With the right preparation, long-distance hikes can be an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. Of course, there are some things you should keep in mind: choosing child-friendly routes and stages, packing your hiking backpack correctly, booking your accommodation in advance …

What’s a good age for kids to come on a multi-day hike? Which trails in Styria are particularly suitable for mountain hut hikes for all ages? Which accessories come in handy when hiking with children? Find out more about long-distance hiking with children!

More tips for multi-day hiking tours in Styria

Our trail map gives you an overview of all long-distance hiking trails and pilgrimage routes in Styria. If you’re planning a hiking holiday, you might also find our selection of hiking hotels useful. No matter which long-distance hiking trail you choose: Multi-day hiking tours in Styria are the fastest way to finding mountain bliss!