Feel-good treatments in the Green Heart of Austria | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm Feel-good treatments in the Green Heart of Austria | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm
Wellness and health

Wellness holidays in Styria

Nine thermal spas and numerous health resorts between Bad Aussee and Bad Radkersburg offer diverse options for relaxation and recuperation.

Body, mind and soul are renewed through purging and therapeutic fasting. Sleep consultants stop counting sheep and special applications with regional products also contribute to health. One thing is certain: stress and hectic have a hard time in the Green Heart of Austria.

Wine and water simply belong together in Styria, as six of the nine Styrian thermal springs bubble up from the depths of the earth near idyllic vineyards. Yoga on a mountain pasture or vineyard jogging? A sun lounger with a view of the vineyards or a herbal sauna with a view of impressive mountain peaks? Well-being is purely a matter of preference and in the nature of things in Styria. What thrives here has special powers. In the north, fresh air, herbs, salt and Swiss stone pines invigorate and revitalise your body and soul. In the south, apple, elderberry, pumpkin and grape seeds refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Therapeutic and medical treatments provide gentle healing and mental well-being, and they will have you experience a new zest for life.

Wellness and health hotels – Styria's feel-good experts

Health hotels, spread across Styria's various regions, ensure the well-being of their guests in accordance with precisely defined quality criteria. Offers ranging from medical-therapeutic to preventive promote the health of body, mind and soul – as do Kneipping, detox or fasting retreats.

Speaking of fasting and healthy eating: Styria's culinary delicacies are bound to take your heart by storm. But it is not only their taste that will delight your senses and palate. Apple, Swiss stone pine, pumpkin and other regional products are also beneficial for your health. Important nutrients, their purity and a high quality ensure that these Styrian products taste delicious and revitalise you all around.

Tip: Exercise in nature is an essential part of good health. Fantastic locations for recreational sports are, for example, the seven nature parks and the Gesäuse National Park in the green heart of Austria.

Wellness treatments with Styrian products

The beauty products that grow and flourish in the green heart of Austria are "g'sund und guat" ("healthy and beneficial"). Fresh, natural products from the region will enhance your feeling of well-being in multiple ways. They will relax, refresh and rejuvenate you. We would like to invite you on a journey of discovery into the world of Styrian health and beauty secrets ...


With 185,000 tons of apples on more than 5,300 hectares of cultivated land, Styrian apples account for 85 percent of Austria's total apple production. The plump and juicy fruits not only taste good, they are also healthy and will improve the appearance of your skin. More than 30 vitamins and many valuable minerals boost the immune system, cleanse the arteries and protect the skin from UV damage.


Frequently used in folk medicine, hay flowers are said to strengthen the body's natural defences, relieve tension, and ease the symptoms of diseases of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract.


Honey consists of 200 different natural compounds, is anti-inflammatory, improves circulation and has an activating effect.


Black elderberries are true miracle berries: They help with colds, are anti-inflammatory and soothe stressed skin. The Styrian cosmetics brand "Styria Sambucus" knows all about the beneficial effects of these berries and uses them in its herbal elderberry natural beauty products. Massages with elderberry oil improve the skin's appearance and support its regeneration.


"There's a herb for everything", as they say. Herbs can stimulate the metabolism – and not just as a seasoning in food or prepared as an herbal infusion! For a long time, medicinal herbs and plants were the only things people used to treat illnesses, wounds and injuries. They were an essential part of people's medicine cabinet for millennia.


Styria's "green gold" not only tastes delicious, but also promotes resilience and vitality. It can be applied as a mask, pack or scrub.

Milk and yoghurt

Milk proteins have a moisturising effect, and they give the skin a healthy glow as well as a unique feeling of freshness.

Mud and fango

Paracelsus already recommended mud as a remedy for various illnesses. The great thermal capacity of mud ensures an even and gentle heat transfer to the body. Heat from healing mud penetrates deep into the tissues and exerts a gentle warming effect on the treated areas.


Salt has been mined in Altaussee since 1147. Natural brine is used to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system. Brine is an absolute all-round talent. It helps with skin and respiratory complaints. People with joint problems benefit from a bath in which they – quite literally – float.


Grape seed oil is a popular edible oil. It has also been used for the production of beauty products since the Middle Ages. It is an excellent treatment for inflammation, and a facial treatment with grapes tones and detoxifies the skin. OPC grape seed extract helps with cell renewal and thus counteracts the aging process.


72 per cent of the earth's surface is covered with water. Water is the source of all life, water purifies, and water heals. A total of nine thermal spas in Styria provide relaxation, healing and well-being. The geographical "epicentre" of Styria's thermal springs is located 65 kilometres south-east of the capital Graz – in the Thermen- & Vulkanland region. This is also where Styria's golden age of spas began in the summer of 1972.

Another tip: Kneipping. 6 communities in the Feistritz Valley in East Styria joined forces and created a Kneipp Active Park together with the artist couple Anne and Peter Knoll. The park's illustrious array of health gems consists of a barefoot trail in the shape of a foot, a rainbow trail, a Kneipp movement tower and a meditation circle – just to name a few.

Swiss stone pine

The wood of the "Queen of the Alps" is both pest- and bacteria-inhibiting. In folk medicine, Swiss stone pine is considered calming, heart-healthy and antibacterial. It is also said to promote circulation and improve breathing.

Perfectly coordinated offers


Travel planning is the be-all and end-all, but it also takes up valuable time. Unless you opt for one of the ready-made vacation packages in Styria. Wellness and health hotels have come up with some special offers for you.

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