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Gösser beer

Beer culture in ERZBERG LEOBEN

Light, dark, with alcohol or even non-alcoholic: The range of beers to try in ERZBERG LEOBEN is as diverse as the region itself. The world famous Gösser brewerie has been producing the popular malt beverage since 1860.

Good, better, Gösser beer!

Hardly any other product from the region is as well known as Gösser beer. Beer has been brewed in the Leoben-Göss district since the 19th century, and the famous beer is an integral part of life in the city.

Those who would like to taste the different beer varieties should take the opportunity to visit the Gösser museum, the "Gösseum", and the brewery. During a guided tour, you’ll learn about the art of brewing and, finally, get to taste the delicious results.

Gösser museum & brewery

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: from 08:30 to 12:00 and from 12:30 to 15:00

You will hardly find a menu at the local restaurants  that doesn’t list the tasty Gösser beer, which has also become a popular ingredient in regional culinary delights. Dishes such as Gösser beer goulash, beer soup or beer roast are among the region’s special delicacies. And there’s even a multi-course Gösser beer meal, which is served at Gasthof zum Schwarzen Adler. To get you in the mood, you will be treated to a refreshing glass of Gösser beer. The beer also appears in sweet form in Göss. Gösser beer chocolate from Zotter is available at Schokoria Elisabeth.

An overnight stay in a Gösser beer room at Hotel Kongress is a very special experience. From the room's own tap right next to the bed, you’ll have a never-ending supply of fresh Gösser beer.

Tip for connoisseurs: If you stay in ERZBERG LEOBEN during the time leading up to Christmas, you can try the Barbara beer. It is brewed especially for the Barbara celebrations and served exclusively at the region's inns during this time.

Other experiences to enjoy in ERZBERG LEOBEN

A lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants or a tasty Brettljause after an enjoyable hike: In the ERZBERG LEOBEN region, there are numerous opportunities to taste regional delicacies. Accompanied by a refreshing beer, of course. To broaden your culinary horizons, we recommend a visit to the local markets.