Baking a Häfennigl (cake in a pot) like 300 years ago at the Rauchstubenhaus in Edelschachen close to Anger, Eastern Styria | © Steiermark Tourismus | Baking a Häfennigl (cake in a pot) like 300 years ago at the Rauchstubenhaus in Edelschachen close to Anger, Eastern Styria | © Steiermark Tourismus |
Using all your senses in Styria

Discover Styria's culinary experiences

From A as in apple to Z as in "Zirbe" (Swiss stone pine) – delicious Styrian products are not only turned into unique dishes by Styria's culinary establishments. In the various "Genussmanufakturen" ("enjoyment manufactories"), visitors can gain insights into the production processes. They learn how Styrian delicacies are made and can taste apple, pumpkin and wine specialities right on site.

You will learn how the Styrian delicacies are made and can taste apple, pumpkin and wine specialties on site.

Apple anything in Styria

Tender and tart or sweet and fruity – around a dozen Styrian apple varieties grow in the green heart of Austria. Bite into one immediately and with all your heart – or wait until it is turned into sweet temptations such as apple strudel? That's a tough decision.

The Styrian Apple Road in East Styria offers numerous opportunities to taste this delicious fruit in all its facets, fresh or processed.

Pure pumpkin pleasure

A pleasant fragrance, slightly nutty taste and dark green in colour – what's described here is the green gold of Styria: pumpkin seed oil. Due to the sandy, airy nature of the soil and the mild climate, pumpkins grow particularly well in Styria. And Styrians are very creative in their use of the oil: It is used in salad dressings, in soups, egg dishes and even in combination with vanilla ice cream.

The pumpkin seeds' journey from seed to oil can be followed during a visit to one of the many oil mills in Styria.

Wine with all senses

Styrian winegrowers do not transform water into wine, but they do accompany their grapes from cultivation to harvest and processing to the finished wine. In the three wine-growing regions of the Volcanic Country, Southern Styria and Western Styria – all along the Styrian Wine Routes – numerous grape varieties thrive, and wine lovers can assure themselves of their quality during wine tastings and cellar tours.

If you want to combine your love of nature with a passion for exquisite wines, you might want to hike along the Wine Route of the Senses or bike along the Styrian Wine Country route.

More culinary cultural assets of Styria

Styria also boasts a lot of other culinary destinations. At some distilleries, visitors can learn more about the production of fine spirits. At cheese dairies, they can witness the craftsmanship that goes into cheese-making. And the art of beer brewing is demonstrated in many Styrian breweries.

What's more, Styria also has many tempting experiences in store for those with a sweet tooth: Visitors can look over the shoulders of gingerbread bakers and learn interesting facts about the processing of chocolate. Your mouth is already watering? Then go ahead and pick your favourite culinary destination right away!

Swiss stone pine is much more than just a type of wood used to furnish old farmhouses with and more than just a folk remedy. Visitors will quickly realise that on a culinary trip through Styria. And if you'd like to experience it in its purest form, all you need to do is visit the forests of Styria. Swiss stone pine's beneficial effect on the body and mind is anchored in the power of forests as a source of strength and vitality. No wonder it's often part of Styria's Grünkraft offers.

Tastings in Styria

Tasting culinary specialties in the Green Heart is a special experience. The people behind the products take the time to offer exclusive insights into the world of their products. The range extends from aronia berries to swiss stone pine.

The delicatessen store, Styria | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm | for press only!


Between Dachstein and Weinland, Austria's delicatessen offers even more culinary delights.

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