Langlaufen klassisch | © Schladming-Dachstein / Peter Burgstaller Langlaufen klassisch | © Schladming-Dachstein / Peter Burgstaller
From biathlon to the world's longest glacier trail

Cross-country skiing in Styria

Snow-covered landscapes, crystal-clear mountain air, and stunning scenic views: Cross-country skiing invites you to get in touch with nature, your body and yourself. Enjoy the silence and take a deep breath, leave all stress and everyday worries behind, and experience more vitality ... In Styria, the best cross-country skiing regions and cross-country skiing hotels receive the Cross-Country Ski Trail Seal of Quality. So you're guaranteed to experience an unforgettable cross-country skiing holiday in Austria!

By the way: Today, we know how healthy winter sports actually are. Cross-country skiing ...

  • makes you use 600 muscles at the same time and thus exercises all major muscle groups.
  • strengthens the upper body, torso and legs in particular. 
  • is one of the healthiest ways to stimulate blood flow and strengthen the heart.
  • is easy on the joints.
  • improves coordination. 
  • allows you to burn between 500 and 700 calories in one hour while exercising in fresh winter air.

Ramsau am Dachstein, Bad Mitterndorf and the Jogllandloipe are absolutely the top cross-country skiing regions. Especially with the Nordic Centre Ramsau am Dachstein Styria shows high competence.

Follow your heart

Quality-tested cross-country skiing regions

Cross-country skiing is an adventure that takes you to two destinations: On the one hand, it leads you through the most beautiful winter landscapes of Styria and, on the other hand, it leads you back to yourself. As of now, 17 excellent cross-country skiing regions in Styria have received the "Cross-Country Ski Trail Seal of Quality" of the Styrian Ski Association – a quality seal that stands for outstanding competence and high-quality offers.

Learn how to cross-country ski

If you can walk, you can cross-country ski. However, the prerequisite for a smooth experience is the right technique – and that's exactly what is being taught during special cross-country skiing lessons. Knowing how to protect muscles and joints allows you to fully enjoy your time on the trails and to unwind as you glide across the snow.

Learning to cross-country ski made easy: A number of Styrian cross-country ski schools offer four-hour taster lessons or, in cooperation with cross-country ski hotels, "learn how to cross-country ski in 6 hours" courses.


Biathlon is all about accuracy and focus. It's about the contrast between movement and calmness, which is particularly pronounced in this sport. The biathlon courses offered in select cross-country skiing regions in Styria are perfect for getting a taste of the challenging combination of cross-country skiing and shooting. Individual course offers can be booked in Ramsau am Dachstein, St. Jakob im Walde, Trofaiach and at the Weirerteich cross-country centre in the Murau region.

Cross-country skiing for women

Cross-country skiing is like a fountain of youth and has thus become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among women who are mindful of their wellbeing, who want to recharge their batteries and who enjoy being outdoors in winter. As a reward for their sporty efforts, relaxing massages, spas or wellness treatments are waiting for them in Styria – for instance, at the special "Ladies Cross-Country Skiing and Yoga" days in Murau.

Cross-country skiing at night

Would you like to go cross-country skiing on floodlit trails? In the following regions, cross-country skiers can turn night into day:

  • Nachtloipe in Ramsau am Dachstein (4 km)
  • Jogllandloipe in St. Jakob im Walde / East Styria (4 km)
  • Weirerteichloipe in the Murau region (4 km)
  • Krumpenloipe near Trofaiach (2.5 km)

The longest glacier cross-country ski trail in the world

15 kilometres of unobstructed views of the Dachstein mountain range – that's what the Dachstein Panorama Trail boasts. It's also the longest glacier trail in the world and, year after year, the stars of the Nordic World Ski Championships train there. Thanks to the pleasant route, however, amateur cross-country skiers also enjoy the breathtaking trail located at 2,700 metres above sea level.

Hotels and offers for cross-country skiers

What makes cross-country skiing so special? It's a form of exercise that is not only good for the body, it also clears the mind. While cross-country skiers focus on their technique, everyday stress simply melts away. It creates a feeling of calm that is rarely experienced. Add to that the first-class services offered at the specialised cross-country skiing hotels, and what you get is a truly restorative holiday.

Nordic events

From the annual FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Ramsau to the Steiralauf in Bad Mitterndorf: Some of Austria's biggest and best-known Nordic events take place in the cross-country skiing regions of Styria.


What could be better than enjoying culinary delights after a round on the cross-country trail? Several mountain hut innkeepers along the Styrian cross-country ski trails are just waiting to introduce you to the local delicacies while your muscles recover. Would you like a few tips?

„Cross-country skiing is hip and trendy, and it makes you healthy, smart and sexy.“
Dr. Alois Stadlober, Nordic Coordinator and 1999 Cross-Country World Champion

Cross-country skiing holidays in Styria