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    Manufactories, oil mills & much more

    Indulgence Day TRips

    Southern Styria has particularly fertile soil, which not only makes for excellent wines, but also for a bountiful pumpkin and hop harvest. Not to forget other specialities of the region such as lavender, fruits or herbs, which are lovingly refined.

    In the numerous manufactories of southern Styria, visitors have the opportunity to look behind the scenes to learn more about production and the personalities behind the regional specialities.

    A visit to one of our oil mills should not be missed for several reasons. On the one hand, the smell of freshly pressed pumpkin seed oil is simply fantastic and the process of pumpkin seed oil production is very intriguing. Secondly, in an oil mill, you will have the opportunity to taste the oils produced and various other products on site.

    In addition, there are numerous small manufactories, such as small breweries, distilleries, a lavender and herb manufactory or small, regional cheese dairies and other highlights that provide interesting and exciting insights.

    Hops and beer


    It is hard to believe: Leutschach an der Weinstraße is not only the largest wine-growing borough, but also the largest hop-growing borough in Austria. With over 100 hectares of hop-growing land, the community makes a significant contribution to beer production. In the meantime, a lively scene of private microbreweries has developed, each with its own philosophy and signature taste. The beers are handcrafted, based on high-quality, often regional ingredients; they are innovative, alternative, courageous, unconventional, perhaps even provocative.

    Fine spirits and creative new interpretations


    Life tastes good here!
    Oil Mills

    All day trips around our oil mills and the famous pumpkin seed oil

    The Styrian oil pumpkin is cultivated and harvested with the greatest care in southern Styria. After all, the yellow-orange pumpkins are the green gold of Styria.

    The nutty, viscous oil, which is unique in colour and taste, is produced from the pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seed oil is precious, as it involves a lot of work in cultivation, harvesting and production.

    Here are the members of the Styrian "Ölspur"!


    From sheep cheese specialities, organic raw milk cheese to modern interpretations with wild garlic, walnut or herbs. Classic butter, cream cheese and yoghurts can also be found in the product range. Cheese lovers should definitely plan a visit to the south Styrian cheese dairies. Tasteful memories are guaranteed!