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    A promise of pleasure for every taste

    Cuisine & Wine

    Take a portion of culinary delights, spice it up with panoramas and add a wonderful range of excellent wines. Add a good dash of warmth and a pinch of hospitality, enjoyment and relaxation, then boil down to pure joie de vivre.

    Indulgence is purely a matter of taste? We are sure that every palate will be happy here. Both the southern Styrian wine and the cuisine are colourful and multifaceted. Fruity white wines and the unique Schilcher unfold their full aroma. Pumpkin seed oil, ham and cheese specialities make Southern Styria a meeting place for friends of good cuisine. Wine cellars, vinotheques, wine taverns, restaurants and gourmet restaurants; this is where the essence of southern Styria comes into the glass and onto the plate.

    „This is what life should taste like!“
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    A crispy fried chicken, juicy roast pork, fresh salted and smoked meat, minced bacon, colourful salads and nouvelle cuisine, all within reach. It is not only the enchanting landscape that is diverse in Southern Styria; the density of places to eat is also more than impressive.

    Where to eat

    Indulgence is nowhere better than in southern Styria

    Taste southern Styria

    When the winegrowers describe their wines, the direct sellers present their products, or the wine tavern owners serve their creative snacks - at the latest then you can feel how much passion and zeal are put into the products. It is the passion and the diversity that make our region so tasty.

    Bilder sagen mehr, als tausend Worte!

    Geschmack in Bildern

    Experience the taste of the south

    Tasty Experiences!

    Wine is considered the flagship of southern Styria, but it is far from being the only showpiece product from the south of Austria. It is no coincidence that southern Styria is famous and popular for its culinary delights. Nowhere else can you indulge as beautifully as here in the south of Styria.

    Stormy pleasure in red, white or rosé

    Sturm and Chestnuts

    In autumn it gets stormy in southern Styria. But don't worry, we don't mean the weather. It still shows its best side towards the end of the year. But when the Sturm (must) arises from the most precious commodity of Southern Styria, its grapes, the "Kastanienbrater" (chestnut fryers) are also not far away.

    Diversity & uniqueness in the south of Styria

    Experience southern Styria