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    Steep vineyards with expressive wines

    Sausal Wine Trail

    From Leibnitz, through the Sulmtal valley and from Fresing to Kitzeck, the Sausal Wine Trail leads up high along the steepest vineyards in Styria. It offers an impressive panorama of the surrounding hillside and country. Vineyards, orchards and mixed forests line up next to each other and provide a breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape.

    However it is the Sausal wines above everything else that leave unforgettable impressions on the palate. Whether you stop at the vintner's to taste the renowned wines, or whether you let yourself be enchanted not just the wine, but also the regional delicacies in a Buschenschank (wine tavern) or restaurant, is of secondary importance. The most important thing is the culinary and vinophilic excitement it guarantees. On the Sausal Wine Trail you will also find much more than fantastically situated addresses of indulgence and wineries. Along the way you will pass the world's largest Klapotetz on the Demmerkogel, Harrachegg Castle and the famous Silberberg School of Viticulture, to name just a few highlights.

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    Cuisine along the Sausal Wine Trail

    Traditional wine taverns, fine gourmet restaurants and creative restaurants line up along the Sausal Wine Trail, leaving nothing to be desired. In addition to the incomparable panorama, with the steep vineyards as an absolute eye-catcher, the fruity wines are also a constant companion on the many panoramic terraces along the Sausal Wine Trail.

    Culinary Offerings

    Up and down the hill

    Hiking routes along the Sausal Wine Route

    The hiking trails along the Sausal Wine Trail range from leisurely, to sporty and ambitious, but all trails have a few things in common: countless places to stop for refreshments and impressive viewpoints that no one would have expected.

    From cheese to lavender to gin

    Highlights along the Sausal Wine Trail

    The Sausal Wine Trail provides many surprises besides wine, such as the largest lavender field in Austria or the over 300-year-old wine cellar at Seggau Castle, both of which can be found along the Sausal Wine Trail.

    From the largest Klapotetz to the panoramic bridge

    Viewpoints along the Sausal Wine Trail

    Along the Sausal Wine Trail, you have to stop for a moment at almost every corner and enjoy the view. The following viewpoints are particullary recommended:

    Fruity and spicy

    Riesling - The Sausal speciality

    Riesling has a very long tradition in the Sausal. It is the specialty around Kitzeck im Sausal, where the steepest and highest vineyards in Styria can be found. 

    Originally from the Upper Rhine region in Germany, Riesling has become a world-famous variety and is known as the "king of white wines". The variety has very high demands for its plantation and loves mineral-rich soils. In southern Styria, the Sausal is very suitable for growing Riesling, allowing it to develop its full aroma.

    The young Riesling is fruity and spicy and develops into a complex wine with maturity. The stone fruit aroma of peach, apricot and exotic fruits and dominant. 

    Source: Wein Steiermark | steiermark.wine and Österreich Wein | www.oesterreichwein.at 

    Tip: Stop for a wine tasting at one of the winegrowers in the Sausal and try the Riesling for yourself. 

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    Have a holiday on the Sausal Wine Trail

    The Sausal Wine Route is an absolute insider tip. Book your holiday in a hotel, with a winemaker or in a quietly located holiday home or apartment, and enjoy some time out in the midst of the vineyards. By the way, our experience store also provides unforgettable memories

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