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    Natural jewels & power places at the water

    In and Around the water

    Whether it's the quiet murmur of the streams or the thundering force of the waterfalls, in Southern Styria you'll find countless untouched spots of beauty in the midst of an unmistakable landscape.
    Nature in Southern Styria is as diverse as the inhabitants themselves. On one side gentle, calm and harmonious and on the other side wild, impetuous and passionate. Numerous idyllic places by the water, along well-marked paths await its visitors.

    How about a short hike along the white Sulm or to the Strutz mill on the Schwarzbach? Sulm waterfall and the Hohlkogel (hollow rock) are also worth a visit. In Bad Schwanberg, you can enjoy a shady walk along the nature reserve of the Black Sulm. And another tip: Lannach Pond Park, a natural jewel with 19 ponds. The abundance and diversity of nature is limitless. As far as the eye can see, the lovely hills and fields stretch to the horizon and promise pleasure and carefreeness in their seemingly endless expanse. Discover for yourself the diversity of this fertile land.


    The sprit of adventure

    Along the water's edge

    Water is the source of life and gives strength. On the many hiking trails along the water you can get to know southern Styria just as well as in the outdoor pool or at one of the many lakes, bathing ponds or river pools. Cool off naturally and recharge your batteries; that's best done by the water.

    Special places on the Water

    A small paradise, in the middle of the forest. Many hiking trails in southern Styria lead along the water and through the forest. Quiet little streams, big loud waterfalls, an eventful gorge or a quiet place by the water - enjoy the forest air, switch off and listen to the sound of the water. Clear water is a treasure that Mother Nature, especially in Styria, gives us in abundance. Hiking and walking by the water; here are a few suggestions for unique destinations:

    Flowing along

    Hiking by the water in southern Styria

    Wine, water, forest - these water hiking trails don't have a summit cross as their goal, but offer flowing water as a partner to experience and move in harmony with nature. Through quiet forests, over impressive suspension bridges and along cooling rivers. The combination of unspoiled natural scenery, adventure and exercise make a hike through the Altenbachklamm gorge truly an unforgettable experience. The bird watch in Obervogau on the Auen-Moorwanderweg also makes the excursion, for the whole family, an unforgettable experience with nature.

    TV Südsteiermark | © Südsteiermark
    Leutschach an der Weinstraße challenging Open
    Route 17,1 km
    Duration 5:00 h

    Natura 2000 Gebiet Klause Deutschlandsberg | Dominik Feibel | © Schilcherland Steiermark
    Deutschlandsberg medium Closed
    Route 9,7 km
    Duration 3:15 h

    Natura 2000 area Klause Deutschlandsberg | Dominik Feibel | © Schilcherland Steiermark
    Southern Styria medium Closed
    Route 10,2 km
    Duration 3:30 h

    Laßnitztalweg - hiking tour "Klause" Deutschlandsberg

    TV Südsteiermark | © Karl Oswald
    Southern Styria medium Open
    Route 4,9 km
    Duration 2:30 h

    Altenbachklamm (gorge walk)

    Aupark Vogau | TV Die Südsteirische Weinstraße/Julia Kerschbaumer | © Südsteiermark
    Bezirk Leibnitz easy Open
    Route 16,8 km
    Duration 4:03 h

    TV Südsteiermark | © Südsteiermark
    Southern Styria easy Open
    Route 12,9 km
    Duration 3:45 h

    Die Heimat der Sulmtaler Karpfen. | Christian Heugl | © Südsteiermark
    Sankt Peter im Sulmtal easy Open
    Route 4,7 km
    Duration 1:30 h

    Marktplatz Gamlitz | © Südsteiermark
    Gamlitz easy Open
    Route 3,4 km
    Duration 0:52 h

    Gamlitzer Ortswanderweg (Gamlitz Town Walk; child-friendly)

    On the water in southern Styria

    From A-Z 

    Due to the wide range of bathing and water sports opportunities, southern Styria has become a popular stronghold of fun with or by water. It's not just in the outdoor pools that you can experience all of the action on offer. If swimming and bathing alone is not enough, fun and action is also offered on the water.

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    Altenbachklamm | © SYMBOL
    • open today
    • Oberhaag


    The Altenbachklamm gorge in Oberhaag offers an exciting and eventful hiking experience. A multifaceted and diverse...
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    Freibad Eibiswald | © Erlebnisbad Eibiswald
    • Eibiswald

    Erlebnisbad Eibiswald

    The adventure pool Eibiswald is a wonderful bath for the whole family! The adventure pool Eibiswald has a sports pool...
    More Details
    Freibad Aqua-Fun | © Schilcherland Steiermark
    • Frauental an der Laßnitz

    Erlebnisbad Frauental "Aqua Fun"

    The ERLEBNISBAD AQUA FUN FRAUENTAL is one of the most beautiful baths in Styria.On a total area of 23000 m2 - of which...
    More Details
    Freibad Arnfels | © Freibad Arnfels
    • Arnfels

    Freibad Arnfels

    The outdoor pool in the market town of Arnfels has a spacious swimmer's pool and a non-swimmer's pool with a total...
    More Details
    Freibad Schwanberg mit Rutschen | © Christian Freydl
    • Bad Schwanberg

    Freibad Bad Schwanberg

    The outdoor pool area in Bad Schwanberg, which covers more than three hectares, offers a wide range of leisure...
    More Details
    Freibad Ehrenhausen
    • Ehrenhausen an der Weinstraße

    Freibad Ehrenhausen a.d.W.

    More Details
    Leutschach Freibad | © Freibad Leutschach
    • Leutschach an der Weinstraße

    Freibad Leutschach

    In addition to numerous sports facilities such as beach volleyball, table tennis and much more, the Leutschach outdoor...
    More Details
    Freibad Martinhof | © Martinhof
    • St. Martin im Sulmtal

    Freibad Martinhof

    The outdoor pool of Gasthof Martinhof is open to everyone! Ideal for families with small children.
    More Details
    Freibad in Sankt Oswald | © Freibad St. Oswald
    • Eibiswald

    Freibad St. Oswald

    In the highest outdoor pool of the district Deutschlandsberg starts the bathing experience with 1 June!
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    Volleyball | © Adobe Stock
    • Stainz

    Freibad Stainz (Derzeit Umbau)

    Outdoor swimming pool Stainz Has a diving tower 3m and 1m, as well as a floating giant squid. With attached beach...
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    DL Freizeit GamsBad total (C) GamsBad | © Gams Bad
    • Deutschlandsberg

    GamsBad sports & leisure facility

    On 4.3 hectares, the leisure and event center "GamsBad" offers variety, relaxation and sports in the midst of the...
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    Hallenbad Hotel Kipper | © Schilcherland Steiermark
    • open today
    • Deutschlandsberg

    Hallenbad im Gesundheitshotel

    Hotel Kipper is located in the heart of Bad Gams.
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