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Unique pieces of architecture that have a story to tell

Castles & Palaces

Southern Styria is characterised by culture, historical buildings and unique architectural masterpieces that are just waiting to be discovered. On your journey through the southern Styrian wine country, you will pass imposing castles and baroque churches.

Immerse yourself in the history of the region and its wine and learn interesting facts in the numerous museums and exhibitions. Get to know the Romans and Celts better and gain an insight into their way of life back then.

Castles & Palaces in southern Styria

Magnificent castles frame the beauty of the region. Walk through the magnificent rooms and banqueting halls and feel transported back to the venerable era of the Lords and Ladies of the castle.

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Schloss Hollenegg1 | © Schloss Hollenegg
  • open today
  • Bad Schwanberg

Castle Hollenegg

Hollenegg Castle invites you to take a walk in the castle garden.
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Schloss Eibiswald | © Heimo Strasser
  • Eibiswald

Schloss Eibiswald

Eibiswald Castle is part of the state vocational school.
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  • open today
  • Deutschlandsberg

Schloss Frauental

The Frauental or Frauenthal Castle is a castle in the municipality of Deutschlandsberg in Styria. Its history goes back...
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Schlossansicht | © Stadtgemeinde Deutschlandsberg
  • open today
  • Deutschlandsberg

Schloss Wildbach

The Wildbach Castle is a castle in the municipality of Deutschlandsberg in Styria. Its history goes back to the 13th...
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Schoss Burgstall | © Gemeinde Wies
  • Wies

Schloss Burgstall

The first fortification on this place was probably built at the end of the 12th or beginning of the 13th century....
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SchlossOttersbach | © Familie Abel - Schloss Otterssbach
  • Großklein

Schloss Ottersbach

Ottersbach Castle is an ornate, late Baroque building near the Sulm River at Mantrach and tells of more than 400 years...
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Talschloss Arnfels | © Marktgemeinde Arnfels
  • Arnfels

Talschloss Arnfels

The Arnfels Valley Castle on the South Styrian Wine Route was built as early as 1820 and is a listed building. An...
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Georgi Schloss Heiraten
  • Ehrenhausen an der Weinstraße

Georgi Schloss

Georgi Castle combines historical ambience with modern comfort. The ideal starting point to explore the wine route!
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Prachtvolles Schloss Stainz | © Schilcherland Steiermark
  • Stainz

Castle Stainz

Stainz Castle Stainz Castle was an Augustinian monastery founded by Leudolt von Wildon in 1228. The monastery's heads...
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Schloss Seggau von oben | © Patrick Schadler | shutterstock.com
  • Leibnitz

Schloss Seggau

Seggau Castle is more than just a castle: like a small town, it is situated on a gentle hill in the middle of the...
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Schloss Schwanberg mit Ausgrabungen der Altburg | © Bad Schwanberg
  • Bad Schwanberg

Schwanberg Castle

The Renaissance castle in Bad Schwanberg is a popular sight.
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