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    Using and protecting the cultural landscape

    Southern Styrian Nature Park

    The southern Styrian Nature Park, one of 7 nature parks in Styria, is seductively diverse with an area of 417 km². From the depths of the Mur to the heights of the Poßruck, it is crisscrossed by countless hills and vineyards that have been used in a variety of ways for thousands of years.

    A nature park is a cultural landscape area, created by human management, that is particularly worthy of preservation, and is to be maintained in this condition. In addition, it creates recreational and educational opportunities for the locals and visitors.

    The cultural landscape in the Southern Styrian Nature Park is dominated by two elements: warm mixed deciduous forests with oak and sweet chestnut trees, and steep, intensively used vineyards. In between, there are remnants of the formerly much more diversely used stone walls, scattered fruit stands, rough pastures and hedges. Arable farming is mainly limited to the valleys and the Leibnitzerfeld, while small areas around Leutschach are still used for hop growing. The special feature of the Southern Styrian Nature Park is that it is also a landscape conservation area and home to several nature reserves. These include the Attemsmoor, the Demmerkogel meadows, the Sulmaltarme or the alluvial landscape along the Laßnitz and Sulm as well as the "Demmerkogel-Südhänge, Wellinggraben mit Sulm-, Saggau- und Laßnitzabschnitten" Natura 2000 site,.

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    Nature Park Hiking Trail

    The nature park hiking trail runs along vineyards, orchards and forests. Here you can get to know different habitats and learn all kinds of interesting facts. The family farms along the way are happy to provide an insight into their everyday lives and welcome interested visitors. A varied snack offering and delicious wines make the hike a culinary foray through southern Styria.

    To the hiking trail

    All about nature reserves and facts about the nature park


    The main objective of the Southern Styrian Nature Park is to develop and implement strategies for the preservation of the small-scale cultural landscape. Active strategies are strived towards which give the region the opportunity to determine the development of the cultural landscape itself, at least to a certain extent.

    Many projects have already been implemented. For example, in Southern Styria there is a nature experience programme to raise awareness of the nature park among the population and guests, a management plan that elaborates the added value of the nature park for the region, its role in the overall structure as well as its mission statement, a biodiversity and species protection offensive, sustainable landscape management and many other initiatives that contribute to the protection of nature and the cultural landscape.

    Facts & Figures

    • The Southern Styrian Nature Park covers an area of around 417 km²
    • The nature park is home to around 49,200 inhabitants.
    • 15 boroughs in the district of Leibnitz bear the distinction of being a nature park borough
    • Altitude: between 250 - 900 m
    • The nature park is home to 9 nature reserves

    Natural Jewels of Southern Styria

    Nature jewels are very special habitats within our cultural landscape. In the 7 nature parks of Styria, there are a total of 27 such natural jewels and 3 of them are located in the Southern Styria Nature Park.

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    Hosts of the Nature Park

    With the nature park hosts, you can stay in authentic regional accommodation and experience nature with all its special features right on your doorstep.

    Nature Park - Book a host

    Nature Park Specialities

    Products of local origin that contribute to the preservation of the typical cultural landscape in the nature park are sold throughout Austria under the brand "Naturpark-Spezialitäten" (Nature Park Specialities). There is also a group of nature park producers in the South Styria Nature Park who make their products with sometimes laborious but loving manual work.

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    Bioweingut Knaus | © Bioweingut Knaus
    • open today
    • Gamlitz

    Bioweingut Buschenschank Knaus

    We are the 1st certified BIO-Buschenschank in Styria. In our BIO-Buschenschank traditional to vegan dishes are offered...
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    Martin und seine Hühner | © Martin´s das schmeckt
    • open today
    • St. Nikolai im Sausal

    Martin´s... Das schmeckt.

    Living sustainability - On 25 ha we dedicate ourselves, besides our meadows and forests, to the cultivation of corn,...
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    Lindenburg | © Weingut Lindenburg | Gertraud Stelzl
    • Ehrenhausen an der Weinstraße

    Weingut und Raritätenbrennerei Lindenburg

    Enjoy the view of our property over the valley, in the Murebene to the East Styrian hill country. Our winery...
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    Weingarten Peter Skoff | © Peter Skoff
    • Gamlitz

    Weingut Peter Skoff - Domäne Kranachberg

    Origin.character.strong.wines.since.1833. Wine and emotions belong together, in nature, in the cellar and in the glass....
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    Lavendel | © Nina Weyrer
    • Kitzeck im Sausal

    Biohof Wunsum - Lavendelmanufaktur

    Lavender manufactory In the lavender manufactory, the harvested lavender is carefully dried, rubbed and sieved. The...
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    Peter Skoff_2 | © Skoff
    • Gamlitz

    Buschenschank Peter Skoff - Domäne Kranachberg

    Relaxation in the vineyards Relax in an appealing atmosphere with exquisite wines and regional snack specialties. We...
    More Details
    Weingut & Buschenschank Kieslinger | © Weingut Kieslinger
    • open today
    • Leibnitz

    Buschenschank Kieslinger

    Hearty snack and finest wine with a view of the Styrian wine country Located high on the Kogelberg, the Buschenschank...
    More Details
    Die Amtmann, Naturkräutergarten | © Die Amtmann
    • Gamlitz

    Die Amtmann

    Cozy sitting areas, cozy little places in the courtyard full of planted roses and lavender invite you to linger. In the...
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    Das Team der Brauerei Leutschach | © Brauerei Leutschach
    • Leutschach an der Weinstraße

    Leutschacher Brauerei

    At Wolfgang Dietrich you can get to know the experience of beer in many different ways! 55 kilometers from Graz, near...
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    WG & BS Kieslinger Außenanlage | © Weingut Kieslinger
    • Leibnitz

    Weingut Kieslinger

    When nature and man create great things together Meeting nature with heart, mind and respect and appreciating all its...
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    Kollerhof am Eichberg | © Kollerhof am Eichberg | Fam. Lieleg
    • Leutschach an der Weinstraße

    Buschenschank-Weingut-Gästezimmer Kollerhof am Eichberg

    Home advantage for connoisseurs. At the Kollerhof you will find the most beautiful places under the open sky! Hardly...
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    Käserei Fischer ein Qualitätsbetrieb aus dem Süden | © RM SWS GmbH | webquartier.at
    • Kitzeck im Sausal

    Käserei Fischer

    The creative farmer's extensive product range extends from whole milk to yoghurt and from fresh to semi-hard cheese....
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    Petra und Hannes Harkamp | © Weingut Harkamp
    • Leibnitz

    Weingut Hannes und Petra Harkamp

    In Sausal in southern Styria Petra and Hannes cultivate 20 hectares of vineyards according to biodynamic guidelines. On...
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