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Small, personable and yet so extensive.

Cultural & Artistic Diversity

Almost 6000 years of history of the origins of southern Styria are displayed in the numerous museums of the region and provide impressive insights into a time far before our own. There are accounts of the Celts and Romans as well as on traditional landscape cultivation and the history of wine and pumpkin seed oil.

The exhibitions, galleries and museums in southern Styria take you back to bygone eras, look at current world events from a different perspective and inspire you with their playful and experimental approach to certain themes. There are many reasons to go to a museum; southern Styria offers one more reason. After a visit to the museum, enjoy a glass of wine to further enlighten the eyes and the mind, as well as the palate.

Museums, Galleries & Exhibitions

We love museums! Not least because southern Styria has so much to show and tell! Get to know the Romans and Celts, gain insights into the lifestyles of previous times, learn interesting facts about landscaping and experience the production of regional products at first hand.

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  • Deutschlandsberg

Galerie Eveline in Deutschlandsberg

Painting seminars and painting trips only by appointment!
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Steirisches Weinmuseum in Kitzeck | © TV Südsteiermark
  • Kitzeck im Sausal

1. Steirisches Weinmuseum

In the highest wine museum in Europe is presented all that has been created in this area for a millennium by the...
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Stadtgalerie | © Stadtgalerie Deutschlandsberg
  • Deutschlandsberg

Stadtgalerie Deutschlandsberg

The Stadtgalerie is a measure by the city marketing of Deutschlandsberg to revitalize empty business premises and gives...
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Tempelmuseum am Frauenberg | © Maria Schoiswohl
  • open today
  • Leibnitz

Tempelmuseum Frauenberg

Museum experience in the midst of ancient temples. The Temple Museum at Frauenberg near Leibnitz - built on the ruins...
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Ausstellung im Haus | © Annamaria Klug
  • open today
  • Stainz

Keramik Klug

Fire, clay and earth - discover the secret of a great handicraft tradition.
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Blumenwiese | © Schilcherland Steiermark
  • Deutschlandsberg

ART Galerie

Exhibitions in and around the garden. 
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Günther Orban | © Günther Orban
  • Gamlitz

Orban Museum

The Orban Museum in Gamlitz includes an extensive collection of masterpieces by Günther Orban.
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die Südsteiermark | © Westreicher
  • St. Nikolai im Sausal

Atelier Karin Westreicher

Painting, Sculpture & Painting Courses Painting on paper and canvas in different techniques, such as watercolor,...
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Skulptur beim Stiegenaufgang | © Skulpturenhaus Hortensia
  • Deutschlandsberg

Skulpturenhaus Hortensia

The sculptor Hortensia's sculpture house offers a very approachable way to experience her art, and it is also a...
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Schloss Stainz - Richtung Jakob-Rosolenz-Stiege | © Lupi Spuma
  • Stainz

Universalmuseum Joanneum - Erzherzog Johann Museum Schloss Stainz

The museum with many original objects is entirely dedicated to the eventful life of Archduke Johann.
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Naturfarbe | © Sinne&Sinn Atelier
  • Bad Schwanberg

Sinne&Sinn Atelier

The Sinne&SinnAtelier is the sister project of the KochGenussAtelier. Here, as there, it's all about one thing:...
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Kniely Haus Leutschach | © Kniely Haus Leutschach
  • Leutschach an der Weinstraße

Kniely Haus Leutschach

The municipality of Leutschach an der Weinstraße runs a center of art, culture & communication in the middle of...
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