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Groups & Bus Tours

Can you already smell the wonderful fragrance of the freshly pressed pumpkin seed oil? Do you see the iridescent shine of the rosé-coloured Schilcher and smell the fine bouquet notes from the white wine glass? Can you feel the warm, courteous hospitality of the people of southern Styria?

If so, then you have arrived in the unique south of Styria. Now it's time to get out of the bus, because there is so much to experience. Whether as a day trip or overnight guest for bus tours: Regional cuisine, nature and culture, tradition and modernity, urban flair and idyllic vineyards offer exciting contrasts and unexpected contracts... 365 days a year.

Accommodation with group availability

A trip to southern Styria with the your colleagues or entire company, local club members or the bowling group: it's definitely worth the trip. But it is not always easy to accommodate many people at once. That's why we have summarised all our accommodations with capacities for large groups here.

Excursion tips

for groups

For the team building amongst colleagues, as well as a group activity for the club outing, for the bachelor party, or simply for a great day full of southern Styrian experiences - we have a few tips for you here!