Dreisiebner chapel in Eichberg-Trautenburg (Southern Styria) | © Steiermark Tourismus | Wolfgang Jauk Dreisiebner chapel in Eichberg-Trautenburg (Southern Styria) | © Steiermark Tourismus | Wolfgang Jauk
From Wine to Pumpkin

Wine & Theme Trails

Vineyard up and down, on often narrow and winding roads, accompanied by a breathtaking view of a romantic wine landscape. Those are the three feasts for the eyes: The Southern Styrian Wine Trail, the Schilcher Wine Trail and the Sausal Wine Trail.

In addition to the three wine trails - where the focus is clearly on wine - there is also the Styrian "Ölspur" (lit. oil trail) in southern Styria. This trail is very popular to follow, after all, everything here revolves around the green gold of Styria - the Styrian pumpkin seed oil.

As different as the four traisl may be, they have many things in common: a high density and variety of culinary offerings, fantastic views and a clear promise of enjoyment.

Steep Vineyards with expressive Wines

Sausaler Wine Trail

Over 25 kilometres in length of wineries, wine taverns, restaurants and breath-taking viewpoints, lined up next to each other. The trail leads through well-known villages such as Kitzeck im Sausal, Leibnitz and Heimschuh, and always provides new surprises.

On the Schilcher Trail of Indulgement

Schilcher Wine Trail

The Schilcher Wine Trail is the flagship of the Schilcherland. The focus along the 70 kilometre route is the rosé coloured Schilcher wine which can only be grown and produced in the region.

A Feast for the Eyes with a clear promise of Enjoyment

Southern Styrian Wine Trail

The Southern Styrian Wine Trail leads its visitors through 25 kilometres of the most famous wine-growing areas in Styria. Fantastic panoramic views and fresh, fruity white wines are guaranteed.

Pumpkin Seed Oil - the green Gold of Styria

The Styrian "Ölspur"

Not the wine, but the unique pumpkin seed oil is the flagship of the Styrian "Ölspur" (lit. oil trail). It is an important route in southern Styria, where oil mills, restaurants and partners are form a community around Styrian pumpkin seed oil.

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