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    Indulgence hikes, pilgrimage trails & much more

    Hiking in southern Styria

    A favourable climate, characterised by an idyllic landscape: the region of the south of Styria is ready for you to hike all year round. The different tours combine gentle alpine pastures with hilly vineyards, which provide a wide view of the varied surrounding countryside.

    The indulgence hikes are mostly circular tours with numerous hotspots and refreshment stops along the routes. The selection of different tours is large and ranges from leisurely to sporty and ambitious. What they all have in common is a beautiful landscape from the alpine pastures to the vineyards, accompanying you at every turn.

    The area around Eibiswald and Wies in southern Styria is also a hub for pilgrims and long-distance hikers. Various hiking routes cross through the region, such as the "Glacier to Wine" southern RouteMariazell Way, the Koralm Crystal Trail, the Way of St. James and the Border Panorama Trail

    Southern Styrian Tours app

    On our tours app you will find everything regarding hiking in southern Styria, with all the places to stop for refreshments as well as opening times and contact details along the routes. This way you can plan your hike in advance and head for specific establishments, or spontaneously find the next stopover along the way.

    Days 18 to 25 through southern Styria

    From the Glacier to Wine, southern Route

    382 kilometers on the southern route from Schladming-Dachstein to Rebenland in Leibnitz in the Southern Styria Natural Preserve - and the whole thing in 25 stages, at an average of 15.28 kilometers per day. "From glacier to wine" is the name of this impressive hike, at the beginning of which Bad Radkersburg awaits and at the end - as if as a reward - southern Styria with its seductive landscape and culinary temptations.

    Soboth Hiking VIllage

    The hiking village Soboth offers optimal hiking for the whole family. The village stretches from the alpine pasture area of the Koralpe, through the village and into the southwest Styrian wine country.

    A special experience for young and old

    Hiking with Animals

    Alpaca and llama hikes are unforgettable and very special experiences. Take the opportunity to a hike with animal company at one of our providers.

    Hiking in southern Styria

    • Over 2327.1 km of hiking trails
    • More than 380 hiking tours
    • 5 long-distance hiking trails

    Themed Routes

    Wine trails, adventure trails and fun hikes.

    Murmelbahn - Das große Abenteuer am Demmerkogel | Landjugend St. Andrä-Höch | © Südsteiermark
    Südsteiermark medium Open
    Route 3,8 km
    Duration 1:30 h

    The great adventure on the Demmerkogel

    Einstieg in den Barfussweg | Nora Ruhri | © Südsteiermark
    Wies easy Open
    Route 2,8 km
    Duration 2:00 h

    TV Südsteiermark | © Südsteiermark
    Südsteiermark easy Open
    Route 11,1 km
    Duration 3:30 h

    Mini Golf Tour

    Accessible by public transport
    Jöbstl | © Jöbstl
    Südsteiermark easy Open
    Route 2,9 km
    Duration 1:00 h

    Weg der Sinne | Lj St. Johann i. S. | © Südsteiermark
    Südsteiermark easy Open
    Route 9,3 km
    Duration 3:00 h

    Way of the Senses No. 16

    Accessible by public transport
    Wandern entlang der Kürbisfelder in Rassach bei Stainz | Matej Kotula - stock.adobe.com | © Schilcherland Steiermark - stock.adobe.com
    Südsteiermark medium Open
    Route 9,5 km
    Duration 3:00 h

    Forest and Pumpkin Trail Rassach

    Titelbild Folder | Nora Ruhri | © Südsteiermark
    Südsteiermark medium Open
    Route 1,0 km
    Duration 3:30 h

    Strutz Mühle | Nadine Geuter | © Südsteiermark
    Südsteiermark medium Open
    Route 8,4 km
    Duration 2:00 h

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