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    The philosophy of aromas

    From the grape to wine

    The rich soils, the mild Mediterranean climate, the unique sites and the skilled art of vinification give the wines of southern Styria their famous, rich aromas. The vines are still harvested by hand for the most part as machines are no longer permitted on the steep slopes. The result is truly a product that is second to none.

    The wide range of varieties, with Sauvignon Blanc and Schilcher as the leading varieties, through to Pinot Blanc, Welschriesling, Morillon, Traminer, Muskateller, Riesling and Zweigelt, make the heart of every wine connoisseur beat faster. The wine in southern Styria goes hand in hand with its culinary delights, hospitality, landscape and culture, and becomes an unforgettable adventure for indulgence seekers and nature lovers.

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    Experience the wine

    Here the winemaker still takes time to personally greet their guests and guide them through the winery or vineyard. They let them look over their shoulder and answers any questions. There is laughter, tasting, philosophising and interpretation. The flavours and aromas are discussed and the colour and finish analysed. You can't get any closer to the wine!


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    „In vino veritas - in wine, there is truth.“
    Erasmus von Rotterdam

    Wineries in southern Styria

    The number of wineries that have accumulated throughout southern Styria is extensive. From small vineyards to large-scale wineries, they have all devoted themselves to the grapes of southern Styria and its processing. The wines labelled with the names of well-known winegrowers who have been passing on their knowledge of wine to their descendants for generations. Wine knowledge is also shared with visitors, who are welcomed with open arms and are not only allowed to admire the impressive, often modern in design wineries, but also to immerse themselves in the world of wine.

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    Das Weingut
    • open today
    • Leutschach an der Weinstraße

    Weingut Familie Reiterer vlg. Kollersimmerl

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    Buschenschank Schulter | © Buschenschank Schulter
    • open today
    • Leibnitz

    Weinbau Schulter

    Welcome to the Schulter winery The Schulter family winery is located in Kaindorf an der Sulm near the wine town of...
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    Lipp | © Weinbau Lipp
    • Wies

    Weinbau Lipp vulgo Ehrensimmer

    The winery Lipp vulgo Ehrensimmer is located in an idyllic and quiet location in Wies and offers its Wines for sale...
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    Skoff Original 1 | © Skoff Original
    • Gamlitz

    Weingut Skoff Original

    Skoff Original - A life for wine "Wine is life, our life is wine." This sentence reflects what has always...
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    • Straß in Steiermark

    Weingut Peter Deutschmann

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    Wein | © Tom Lamm
    • St. Veit in der Südsteiermark

    Weingut Scheucher

    Tasting, opening hours & sale We cordially invite you to get to know and taste our assortment at our premises in...
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    Bio-Weingut Tscheppe Andreas Flaschen | © Bio-Weingut Tscheppe Andreas | Andreas Tscheppe
    • Leutschach an der Weinstraße

    Bio-Weingut Tscheppe Andreas

    Our winery, located close to the Slovenian border, comprises five hectares of vines. Four hectares of them are planted...
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    Patrick Niggas | © Weinbau Niggas
    • St. Stefan ob Stainz

    Weinbau Patrick Niggas

    With an impressive view of the Reinischkogel area, Stainz Castle and the Slovenian border, the vineyards of the Patrick...
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    Emmauswinzer | © Schilcherland Steiermark
    • Wies


    EmmausWein® represents a very special quality wine from Wernersdorf.
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    Buschenschank Kogelhohl | © Buschenschank Kogelhohl
    • open today
    • Bad Schwanberg

    Buschenschank "Kogelhohl"

    The location of our Buschenschank is in the middle of vineyards with a view of Schwanberg, the Stullnegg valley and the...
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    Weingut spitzyPeitler Familie | © Weingut spitzyPeitler l Johannes Peitler
    • Leutschach an der Weinstraße

    Weingut spitzyPeitler

    spitzyPeitler - our family winery. Be inspired by our eigenSINN and enjoy our distinctive products or experience your...
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    Gedeckter Tisch_Weinstube Baumann | © Weinstube Baumann
    • open today
    • Leibnitz

    Weinstub'n Baumann - Weingut

    The potential of the Baumann family are the vineyards bordering the estate with about 2.5 hectares of vines. According...
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    Diversity & uniqueness in the south of Styria

    Discover southern Styria