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    Sturm indulgence, whether red, white or rosé

    Enjoy Sturm & Chestnuts

    In autumn, it gets stormy in southern Styria. But don't worry, we don't mean the weather; it still shows its best side towards the end of the year. But when the Sturm (must) arises from the most precious commodity of Southern Styria, the grapes, the chestnut fryers are also never far away.

    Along the wine trails are numerous stalls preparing delicious chestnuts, freshly roasted and served in a newspaper cone, accompanied by a good glass of red, white or Schilcher Sturm. From the beginning of September to the end of October, depending on the time of the grape harvest, the sweet Sturm moves into the country and you can enjoy the delicious drink to the full. Accompanied by a bag of still hot chestnuts; this is probably the best way to taste autumn in southern Styria.

    Sturm and Chestnut Stalls

    Anyone travelling along the three wine trails in autumn will immediately be hit by the tantalising aroma of freshly roasted chestnuts. Freshly roasted, served in a newspaper cone and accompanied by a refreshing glass of Sturm - this is how to enjoy the southern Styrian autumn to the fullest.

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    Sturm und Kastanien | © Tourismusverband Südsteiermark
    • Deutschlandsberg

    Sturm und Kastanienstand: Buschenschank Jauk

    Visit us at our storm and chestnut stand.
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    Sturm und Kastanien Stände | © TV Die Südsteirische Weinstraße
    • Leutschach an der Weinstraße

    Sturm und Kastanienstand: Eorykogel, Familie Krofitsch

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    Sturm und Kastanien | © Schilcherland Steiermark
    • St. Stefan ob Stainz

    Sturm- und Kastanienstand: Langegger Schenke

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    Maroni Schulter | © Buschenschank Schulter
    • Leibnitz

    Sturm und Kastanienstand: Buschenschank Schulter

    Sturm & Styrian chestnuts from the region.
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    KastanienBuam Gruppenfoto | © Kastanienbuam
    • Leibnitz

    Sturm und Kastanienstand: Kastanienbuam am Grottenhof

    October Sundays:From 14:00 you can expect a musical framework of small groups of the following associations, which were...
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    Herbst | © Tom Lamm
    • Kitzeck im Sausal

    Sturm und Kastanienstände: Festplatz Kitzeck

    Popular meeting place in autumn - storm, chestnuts and much more at the fairground in Kitzeck
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    Sturm und Kastanien | © Tourismusverband Südsteiermark
    • St. Stefan ob Stainz

    Sturm und Kastanienstand: Buschenschank Achatz

    Visit our chestnut stand at Buschenschank Achatz.
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