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    Birthplace of the exquisite

    Oil Mills

    What an experience - deep nutty aromas, and a palpable richness and density of unsurpassable elegance. The oil mills along the Styrian "Ölspur" offer insight into the production of pumpkin seed oil.

    After the harvested pumpkin seeds arrive at the oil mill, they are ground and then thoroughly kneaded with salt and water to form a mass. Step by step, the kneaded mass is heated to a maximum of 120 °C. It is precisely at this point that the decisive aromas are created, which provide the unique taste and smell of the pumpkin seed oil. The subsequent gentle pressing with up to 300 bar of pressure produces the green gold of Styria.

    The quality of Styrian pumpkin seed oil is confirmed by the annual state award, which many southern Styrian "oil presses" can pin on the door to confirm their place among the best in Austria. You can convince yourself of the quality on site by looking over the shoulder of the oil millers during production and then tasting the valuable result with a piece of farmhouse bread.

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    Erzherzog-Johann Haus | © Farmer Rabensteiner
    • open today
    • Deutschlandsberg

    Ölmühle Farmer Rabensteiner vlg. Graf

    In the Schilcher cellar at the Farmer-Rabensteiner Genusshof, 20 regional Schilcher wines await you at farm-gate...
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    Ölmühle Herbersdorf Verkostung | © TV Schilcherland Steiermark, Markus Trinkel
    • Stainz

    Ölmühle Herbersdorf

    The oil mill Herbersdorf is one of the smallest and oldest oil mills in Styria. Here, the green gold of Styria is still...
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    Unsere Produkte | © Kürbishof Schmuck
    • Deutschlandsberg

    Ölmühle Schmuck

    Schmuck family:We are a family business in Wildbach - Deutschlandsberg in Western Styria and have specialised in...
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    Unser Anwesen | © Ölmühle Leopold
    • Deutschlandsberg

    Ölmühle Pronnegg

    Visit the new Pronnegg oil mill. It was first mentioned in a document in 1542 as the Herrschaftsmühle zu Frauenthal....
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    Aibler Ölpresse innen | © Aibler Ölpresse
    • Eibiswald

    Aibler Ölpresse

    Pumpkin seed oil - the green gold of Styria - should not be missing in any Styrian kitchen. In our historic oil press,...
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    Kürbis und Kernöl | © Kernölmühle Lorenz
    • open today
    • St. Martin im Sulmtal

    Kernölmühle Lorenz

    Let yourself be initiated into the art of pressing kernel oil or simply taste the local specialities of our kernel oil...
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    Nina Hartlieb | © Regionalmanagement Südweststeiermark GmbH/webquartier
    • Heimschuh

    Hartlieb oil mill

    Hartlieb Oil Mill and Pumpkin Seed Oil Museum give visitors insights into the early days of pumpkin seed oil production...
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    Ulrike & Guntram Hamlitsch | © Ölmühle Hamlitsch
    • Deutschlandsberg

    Hamlitsch oil mill

    At our new location near Frauenthal Castle we combine long-established knowledge passed down through the generations...
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