healthy: thermal water at KURHAUS Bad Gleichenberg | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm healthy: thermal water at KURHAUS Bad Gleichenberg | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm
Spring and thermal water

Water, the source of life

Everything flows between the Dachstein glacier and the wine-growing regions. The thermal springs of Styria are hot and full of energy, but also soothing, revitalising and healing. Between Bad Mitterndorf in the north and Bad Radkersburg in the south, nine thermal spas with different focuses invite you to relax and unwind.

You can also experience the healing power of water during a Kneipp treatment in ice-cold wading pools or streams in the green heart of Austria. Whether it’s in the central Feistritztal valley or in the Schilcherland region: Kneipping in Styria is an invigorating experience!

With its healing power, water is a central part of the Grünkraft Steiermark initiative that helps guests to find inner balance and an improved quality of life.

Healing thermal water from deep within the earth

Thermal spring water is recognised as a natural health-promoting substance. Rich in minerals and valuable salts, it comes from depths of up to 3,000 metres. It rises to the surface and emerges at temperatures of 90 to 110 degrees Celsius.

The beneficial effects of thermal spring water were already known to the ancient Romans and to Greek physician Hippocrates. Today it is scientifically proven that thermal spring water reduces stress. The composition of the water varies depending on the spring it emerges from. It has numerous positive effects, including:

  • physical and mental relaxation
  • a natural boost to your immune system
  • prevention of rheumatic diseases
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Kneipping in Styria

Sebastian Kneipp, founder of this traditional curative treatment, used cold immersion baths and showers to strengthen his immune system and get over a bout of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Kneipping …

  • ... improves your circulation.
  • ... strengthens your immune system.
  • ... stimulates your vegetative nervous system.

Traditionally, Kneipp therapy consists of baths and other treatments, including walking barefoot, walking on stones, immersions, washings and wet packs.

A popular location for Kneipping in Styria is the Schilcherland region. For instance, Bad Schwanberg has its own Kneipp Park offering invigorating experiences. Alternatively, you can try the Kneipp facilities at the entrance of the Schwarze Sulm or the Bad Sauerbrunn springs in Marhof in Stainz.

  • Gröbminger Land

Kneipp water-treading basin

Good for cardiovascular system. 
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Grading_Indoor_Eastern_Styria | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark
  • open today
  • Feistritztal

Graduation system in Maria Fieberbründl

Sea air in the place of pilgrimage In the middle of the courtyard forest, the lung bird spreads its wings wide: when...
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Kneipp_Barfußparcour_Eastern Styria | © Gemeinde Hartl
  • open today
  • Hartl

Barefoot course "Relax at the foot reflex"

Kneipp Active Park & Barefoot course "Relax at the foot reflex"
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  • Ramsau am Dachstein

Kneipp experience at the Philosophenweg

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  • Krieglach

Wasser- und Naturerlebnisbad mit Kneippanlage

Lovers of Kneipp treatments will find a Kneipp facility at the lake.
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Armbad an der Kneippstelle Bad Gams | © Schilcherland Steiermark
  • Deutschlandsberg

Kneippstelle Bad Gams

Revive tired (hiker) feet. Experience the cool of the flowing water at the Kneipp area in the middle of the forest.
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  • Gröbminger Land

Kneipp water-treading basin

Good for cardiovascular system. 
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Baumlehrpfad | © Fanz Gepp
  • Bad Mitterndorf

Barefoot Park Bad Mitterndorf

The barefoot park in Bad Mitterndorf consists of 17 stations, all with different materials.
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Relax and enjoy

It only takes 20 minutes in thermal spring water to reduce stress levels and experience positive effects.

To find out more about the healing power and fascinating origins of the thermal spring water of Styria’s spas, visit our online magazine!

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