Back to nature. Back to yourself.

Grünkraft offers in Styria

Consciously making time for yourself and listening to your own body supports vitality, promotes an increased sense of well-being, and helps you regain your inner balance. The best environment for this is in nature amidst the green heart of Austria – between the Dachstein, the Styrian Wine Country, and the Spa Country.

Hildegard of Bingen already recognised the secret to a healthy life as something that can be found in nature. "Viriditas" is the term she coined, meaning "Grünkraft" (green power). The focus is on vitality as a prerequisite for all life.


The offers of Styria's experienced "Grünkraft companions" are as diverse as Styria's landscapes. Discover new sources of strength and vitality during beauty and well-being treatments, while practising mental techniques, or through the application of traditional Styrian medicine. Alternatively, you can also explore your own limits during leisurely exercise and sports. At the centre of it all: the self. As a result, you'll enjoy increased well-being and obtain a new zest for life.

3 Results
3 Results