Cycling at the Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm Cycling at the Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm
    A journey through Styria's wine-growing regions

    Styrian Wine Country cycling Route

    The “Styrian Wine Country“ cycling tour is a breathtaking journey of discovery through Eastern and Southern Styria. Take a break along the way and discover countless culinary manufactories, colourful gardens, river landscapes, swimming lakes and spas. Marvel at cultural heritage such as fortresses, castles and pilgrimage churches and enjoy the appealing combination of historic and contemporary architecture.

    The Styrian Wine Country cycling route at a glance

    The longer, the better: Enjoy more than 400 kilometres of cycle paths through the Styrian wine-growing regions.

    Good to know: You can access the circular cycling tour at almost every point of the route. The region’s public transport including bike-transfer quickly and comfortably takes you to your desired starting point .

    • starts at: Leibnitz
    • ends at: Leibnitz
    • distance: 403 km
    • stages: 8
    • difficulty: intermediate

    Wine & more

    If wine plays the leading part, culture, cuisine and wellness play the supporting roles along this cycling route. Together, they make up a delightful story based around history, tradition, craftsmanship and relaxation.

    Styrian Wine Country cycling tour – every stage a highlight

    With its eight stages, the Styrian Wine Country cycling tour is arguably one of the most beautiful cycling tours through the green heart of Austria. Along the way and at every destination, countless cultural and culinary highlights are waiting to be discovered.

    • Right at the start of the tour, Southern Styria and the famous Schilcherland region offer plenty of opportunities to visit rustic wine taverns or traditional wineries where you can sample world-renowned white wines or the famous Schilcher.
    • The circular cycling tour takes you past numerous small historic towns. Be sure to also visit the UNESCO world heritage city and City of Design, Graz!
    • Eastern Styria and the Spa Country is the perfect place to rest your tired legs after cycling and recharge your batteries with local delicacies at traditional manufactories, wineries, wine shops and farmers’ shops.
    • Nestled between the vineyards, you can also find numerous castles, fortresses and museums. Our tip: Don’t miss the Styrian Castle Road!

    The tour as a whole

    Through Styria's Wine Country

    On the more than 400-kilometre-long circular cycling tour, cyclists can discover the Styrian Wine Country with its three wine-growing areas and its culinary specialities as well as cultural treasures.

    More about the tour

    Stage 01

    From Leibnitz to Deutschlandsberg

    This scenic stage of the cycling tour takes you to Deutschlandsberg, the capital of the Schilcherland region. At the beginning and end of the tour, you cycle along the Sausal Wine Route and the Schilcher Wine Route respectively. Along the way, you pass by numerous oil mills, where you can take a look behind the scenes and sample Styria’s famous pumpkin seed oil.

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    Stage 02

    From Deutschlandsberg to Lieboch/Söding

    Passing by small, picturesque villages nestled amid the vineyards of the Schilcherland region, this day‘s stage takes you to Lieboch near the capial city Graz, which was named European Capital of Culture in 2003.

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    Stage 03

    From Lieboch/Söding to Graz

    This stage’s destination is the city of Graz, Styria’s provincial and culinary capital, with its historic roads, lanes, squares and courtyards.

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    Stage 04

    From Graz to St. Ruprecht an der Raab

    This stage leading up to Lassnitzhöhe is quite challenging. Your reward for the steep ascent is the historic village of St. Ruprecht an der Raab with its marvellous scenic views.

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    Stage 05

    From St. Ruprecht an der Raab to Hartberg

    This day’s stage is all about apples and pears. Passing through Austria’s largest apple growing region and Pöllauer Tal Nature Park with its famous “Hirschbirne” pear variety, the route takes you to the historic town of Hartberg.

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    Stage 06

    From Hartberg to Therme Loipersdorf spa

    This leisurely stage takes you to the thermal spa region of Styria. In the so-called Spa Country, you can sample regional delicacies such as Vulcano ham, hand-made Zotter chocolate and aromatic pumpkin seed oil.

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    Stage 07

    From Therme Loipersdorf spa to Bad Radkersburg

    The seventh stage of the cycling tour is all about viniculture. Cycling past countless vineyards, you also get the chance to visit the “Gesamtsteirische Vinothek” wine store in St. Anna am Aigen with its breathtaking panoramic views all the way to Hungary.

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    Stage 08

    From Bad Radkersburg to Leibnitz

    The destination of this day’s stage is the wine capital of Leibnitz. In parts, you ride along the Mur cycle path, passing through the beautiful Mur river floodplains in the UNESCO Biosphere Park Unteres Murtal and through plenty of small, romantic villages near the border to Slovenia.

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    Off the beaten track

    Variations of the Styrian Wine Country cycling tour

    Venture off the beaten track and discover more of the Styrian Wine Country on rewarding alternative routes.

    Horse lovers will enjoy this alternative route to Piber stud farm, Europe’s only breeding location for the Lipizzaner stallions who perform at Vienna’s famous Spanish Riding School.

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    The sun rises in the east – and so does the cycling spirit! The towns of Bad Loipersdorf and Gleisdorf are connected by “Rittscheintalradweg R21” cycle path, which takes you past some particularly authentic villages. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample culinary delights produced by the various wine taverns, inns and restaurants along the way!

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    This alternative route is particularly popular with wine lovers. Various rustic wine taverns along the South Styrian Wine Route invite you to while away the day in the pleasant Mediterranean climate.

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    Package offers for the Styrian Wine Country cycling tour

    Leaving your worries behind and simply indulging in the moment is easy in Styria. The package offers for the Styrian Wine Country cycling tour were designed for unforgettable experiences!

    Perfectly cared for: where to eat and stay along the way

    Do you want to spend a few days or only one night? Both is possible at the various bike-friendly hotels, inns, guesthouses and private rentals along the cycling route!

    It’s also a good idea to keep your eyes open for “Bett+Bike” partners carrying the quality seal of the German Cyclist’s Association ADFC, as they offer many great services for cyclists:

    • secure bike racks
    • drying rooms for your sportswear
    • comprehensive breakfast for an energetic start to the day
    • repair service and contacts to nearby bicycle dealers

    Other attractions in the Wine Country

    Paradisiacal wine hiking trails, historic castles and fortresses, culinary manufactories, fascinating museums and so much more. The Styrian Wine Country cycling tour is full of attractions you shouldn’t miss!

    • At Deutschlandsberg Castle, you can visit the “Archeo Norico” castle museum and explore eight fascinating exhibitions.
    • The “Wine path for all senses” in Sankt Anna bei Aigen is a delicious experience. Sample your way through the local wines of Styria and enjoy splendid views reaching as far as Slovenia from the viewing platform.
    • Admission to Tierwelt Herberstein includes a guided tour of the castle, the historic gardens, the current exhibitions at Kunsthaus and Gironcoli Museum, the circular trail through the Natura 2000 protected Herbersteinklamm gorge and the zoo.