At the Mur cycling path: view of Frohnleiten | © Steiermark Tourismus | Pixelmaker At the Mur cycling path: view of Frohnleiten | © Steiermark Tourismus | Pixelmaker
Leisurely or adventurous – and always enjoyable 

Biking & cycling in Styria

Experience the diversity of Styria by bike – surrounded by a multifaceted landscape, with mountains in the north, kilometre-long vineyards in the east, and the historic small town of Murau in the south.

The 3 long cycling routes in the green heart of Austria

On seemingly endless cycling tours filled with nature, art, culture and culinary delights, you can enjoy the diversity of Styria to the fullest. In both the alpine north and the slightly Mediterranean south, holidaymakers will find several long routes divided into various stages.

On the Styrian Wine Country Route, you will savour culinary delights in three wine-growing regions at various tastings of wine and regional delicacies.

A stunning mountain panorama in the Hohe Tauern National Park and around the historic small town of Murau as well as a pleasantly warm climate in the Wine and Spa Country: That's something you can only find on the Mur Cycle Path.

Across numerous kilometres, the Enns Cycle Path leads you through a world of mountains and water. In the Gesäuse and Kalkalpen National Parks, there are countless natural spectacles to admire.

A delight for mountain bikers, e-bikers, road cyclists and gravel bikers

Styria: a paradise for cyclists & bikers

The top biking destination of Schladming-Dachstein impresses holidaymakers with a large variety of routes and numerous trails, bike parks, bike schools and bike shuttles. The Dachstein Tour, the bike parks on Planai and Reiteralm as well as the Trans National Park in the neighbouring Gesäuse region are an Eldorado for mountain bikers.

E-bikers are also in good hands in Styria. With a comprehensive network of charging stations and routes specifically created for electric bikes, they get to experience comfortable, enjoyable and yet quite sporty holidays.

The road bike tours through the alpine north with countless mountain passes are a sporty challenge too. In pleasantly warm temperatures, you can ride your road bike on lightly trafficked roads through the garden landscapes in the east and south of Styria.

If you love road cycling and mountain biking in equal measure, you can explore Styria on a gravel bike. It allows you to switch between asphalt and off-road as you please.

Every cyclist will find the right route in Styria's varied selection of routes.

History on two wheels

A look into the past shows that cycling in Styria is not a fashionable trend of the present. As early as 1884, races were organised by the Graz Bicycle Club. Today, amateur cyclists meet every year for the "Anradeln" bike opening in Bad Radkersburg or for the 3-day Tour de Mur along the Mur Cycling Route.

Styria is not only the birthplace of several legends of cycling history such as Johann Puch, Rudi Mitteregger, Gerhard Schönbacher or Christoph Strasser. Bicycles such as Steirerbike, bikee or Geero are also produced here.

Cycling at the Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour, Sernauberg | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm
Cycling at the Mur cycling path, in Graz, Tegetthoffbrücke with a view to the clock tower | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm
Kaibling bike tour at Haus in Ennstal | © Steiermark Tourismus | Gleichweit-Nistelberger
At the Mur cycling path: at the Murturm in Gosdorf near Mureck | © Steiermark Tourismus | Pixelmaker

Parts of a greater whole – EuroVelo 9 and 14

On a grand cycling tour through Europe, Styria cannot be missing as a destination. Part of EuroVelo 9 follows the Spa Cycling Route and the Mur Cycle Path. And EuroVelo 14 proves that all good things come in threes: On your tour, you will pass both the Enns and the Mur Cycle Paths as well as the Styrian Wine Country Route.

Bike enthusiasts are welcome

Just for one night or for several days? Every type of holiday guest will find a suitable offer in Styria.

Good to know: Styria is home to the largest number of accommodation options in Austria that carry the Bett+Bike seal of approval from the ADFC. Among other things, they provide secure parking for bicycles, drying facilities for clothes, a hearty breakfast and even breakdown assistance if needed.

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