On the Mur cycle path: cycle bridge near Stadl an der Mur | © Steiermark Tourismus | Pixelmaker On the Mur cycle path: cycle bridge near Stadl an der Mur | © Steiermark Tourismus | Pixelmaker
Relaxed bike holidays

e-Biking in Styria

One thing’s for sure: Leisure activities and holidays should be relaxing! Explore Styria with your e-bike and discover the wonders of the green heart of Austria!

e-Bike tours in Styria

Easy and even, adventurous and bumpy or steep and challenging: Our tour portal has the perfect e-bike tour in Styria for every taste.

The manifold garden of Austria

Tour recommendation for leisure cyclists

A journey of delights: The e-bike leisure tour through East Styria is a perfect mixture of culture, cuisine and nature. The circular route takes you to impressive sights such as the historic Old Town of Hartberg or Herberstein with its Tierwelt Herberstein zoo.

At Almenland Stollenkäse, you can see cheese experts at work and taste local cheeses during maturation. If you would like to find out how pumpkin seeds are turned into pumpkin seed oil, which is also called the “green gold of Styria”, visit Steirerkraft Kernothek. For a digestif, we recommend a schnapps at Edelbrennerei Graf.

In five full-day stages, you cover a total of 159 kilometres and an altitude difference of 2,220 metres during this tour.

Heartily recommended

Mürz valley: the rising e-bike region

Mürz valley in Upper Styria boasts a great variety of offers for e-bikers. The heart of the e-biking region is the section of the Mürz valley cycle path between Oberland Nature Park, the Waldheimat region and the mixed fruit region around Kindberg and Stanz. Surrounded by the Schneealpe, Rax and Hohe Veitsch mountains and the Fischbach Alps, there are plenty of charming tours taking you from the Mürz valley up to the region's alpine pastures with their many mountain huts serving culinary delights.

For a more leisurely tour, simply cycle along the Mürz river. The good news: You can find plenty of e-bike charging stations by bike energy all along Styria’s widespread network of cycling trails. There are about 30 stations where you can recharge your bike’s batteries – and your own, by enjoying some local delicacies during a well-earned break.

Cycling for explorers & pleasure-seekers

The “e” in e-bike stands for electric – but it might as well stand for easy and effortless. Because that’s exactly what the advantages of electric bikes come down to:

  • effortless: If you get tired, your e-bike’s motor will give you the push you need.
  • relaxing: Take the time to savour the surrounding nature, without any stress or exertion.
  • motivating: With your e-bike you can also master distances or ascents that would normally be too challenging for you and your “normal” bike.

Especially in the Spa Country Styria, those aspects are achievable. Because there, one follows the 4 elements water, fire, earth and air.

Offers for your e-bike holiday

More and more cyclists are discovering the joys of cycling with electric assistance and would like to use their e-bike while on holiday. The good news: There are numerous hotels in Styria that have special offers for e-bikers!

More than 170 accommodation providers in Styria – from private rentals to hotels – are classified as “Bett+Bike” partners. They offer sporty guests a great all-round package:

  • secure bike racks to store your e-bike
  • drying rooms to dry your wet clothes for the next day’s ride
  • comprehensive cyclists’ breakfast for extra energy in the saddle
  • assistance with small repairs by your host or nearby bicycle shops

The“Bett+Bike” quality seal is a well-earned certificate complying with the strict criteria of the German Cyclist’s Association ADFC.

Stop by and enjoy: The services of the “Bett+Bike” hotels are also available for guests who don’t spend the night.

A good night’s sleep for every cyclist: If there’s currently no “Bett+Bike” offer available, there are many other cycling hotels waiting for you with special services and package offers.

Make the most of your tour

Our tip: Bike & Hike

If you feel like a change from cycling, why not explore Styria during a hike – for instance with the convenient Bike & Hike offers of the Schladming-Dachstein region? And did you know that 20 out of the 24 Bike & Hike spots offer charging stations for Bosch batteries? The perfect opportunity to charge your batteries while you’re off hiking!

Safe e-biking

Before your first e-bike tour, you should take the time to familiarise yourself with the bike. How does the motor work? How can you replace the battery? How do you charge the batteries? Make sure to know your way around the most important functionalities before starting your first tour. e-Bike newbies can also get professional instructions at local hotels and bicycle shops.

E-Bike rental in Styria

E-Bike Verleih Teuschler-Mogg | © Fotospass
  • Bad Waltersdorf

Fahrradverleih beim Hotel-Restaurant Teuschler-Mogg

On the bike - into the region! Bad Waltersdorf is ideal for cyclists - especially those who enjoy cycling with culinary...
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H2O Hoteltherme | © TVB Bad Waltersdorf
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ebike-98 | © A Twist of Lemon www.atwistoflemon.at
  • Deutschlandsberg

Rent an eBIKE

E-bike rental through whole Deutschlandsberg area by delivery.
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Mountainbiker im Wald_Oststeiermark | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark / Klaus Ranger
  • Vorau

E-Bike Verleih Hotel und Restaurant Kutscherwirt

After exploring Vorau on an e-bike, treat yourself to a leisurely meal.
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IBike-Box Chrizzlys Hütte_Oststeiermark | © iBike-Box
  • Vorau

E-Bike Verleih Chrizzlys Hütte

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Radsport Samer | © Radsport Samer
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Radverleih Radsport Samer

Andre Samer is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality bicycles in southeastern Austria. Offered is an extensive...
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Geschaeft | © Bike Total Radsport GmbH
  • Hartberg

E-Bike Rental and Repair Richtwerk Bikestore

Bike Total Radsport in Hartberg - the specialist for bicycles!
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e-Bike Stall_Ausfahrt | © e-Bike Stall | Wolfgang Hartinger
  • Oberhaag

E-Bike Verleih e-Bike Stall

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Radfahrer_Oststeiermark | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark / Bernhard Bergmann
  • St. Jakob im Walde

E-Bike Verleih Familienhotel Berger

Full of energy through the municipality of St. Jakob im Walde in the Joglland - Waldheimat region.
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iBike-Box Friesi´s Bikery_Oststeiermark | © iBike-Box
  • Birkfeld

E-Bike Verleih Friesi´s Bikery

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Biken im Ausseerland Salzkammergut | © TVB Ausseerland - Salzkammergut
  • Bad Aussee

Zweirad Friedl

Zweirad Friedl in Bad Aussee is a specialist store for everything to do with bicycles.
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Heartily recommended by Styria