Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour, castle, Deutschlandsberg | © Steiermark Tourismus | Martin Kubanek Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour, castle, Deutschlandsberg | © Steiermark Tourismus | Martin Kubanek
Important utensils for your cycling tour in Styria

Checklist for your cycling holiday

It's pretty annoying to realise that you haven't packed something important when you are already on your cycling tour. To prevent this from happening to you, we have compiled a checklist with all the important utensils for your tour. In general, the following applies: Individual journeys and needs require individual luggage. And: the less luggage, the greater the cycling fun!

Waterproof panniers:

  • two separate panniers, rear
  • possibly two low-rider panniers, front
  • one handlebar bag with map pocket
  • possibly a pannier roll, rear

Contents of panniers:

  • Clothing: shorts, long trousers, cycling shorts, socks, underwear, T-shirts, rain trousers, pullover, windbreaker (rainproof), peaked cap, swimwear, gym/biking shoes, additional pair of shoes/sandals, cycling gloves, cycling helmet... And possibly sleeping gear and cosy slippers!
  • Orientation & papers: Money belt, cycling tour maps, cycling guidebook, identity card/passport/train card (youth hostel card if applicable), e-card (if available), host directory, money/bank card/credit card, copies of papers, writing utensils, notebook with addresses, mobile phone (incl. charger).
  • First-aid kit, plaster/stretch bandage, insect repellent, fever thermometer, medicines, disinfectant, ear plugs, aspirin (or similar).
  • Washing & care: Shower gel/shampoo, comb/brush, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, hair scrunchies, sunscreen, shaving products, monthly hygiene, detergent/washing paste, washing-up liquid/kitchen towel, toilet paper/tissues, shoe polish/sewing kit.
  • Bicycle equipment: bicycle lock, spare inner tube, drinking bottles, air pump and repair kit, tools, rags, spare cables for brakes and gears, small parts (nuts, screws, washers, brake shoes, wire, 2-component glue, etc.).
  • Miscellaneous: air pressure gauge, camera and films or digital camera (incl. charger), pocket knife, torch, folding scissors, candle/candle lantern, literature, cycling glasses
  • Camping: sleeping bag, sleeping mat, lightweight tent, duct tape, travel cooker, crockery, salt, sugar and herbs.