Winter hiking in the Hartberg Gmoos | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann Winter hiking in the Hartberg Gmoos | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann
Enjoy Austria's garden on foot

Hiking in the Eastern Styria

Hiking the alpine pastures and meadows of the Eastern Styria is good for the body and soul, but an unhurried city stroll also has its appeal. No matter where you go in the region, every hike is pure enjoyment. The cabins, inns and wine taverns invite you to stop and refresh yourself along the hiking trail.

Hiking on the Siebenkögel circular trail in Eastern Styria | WEGES OG | © WEGES


The Eastern Styria is truly a hiking paradise for young and old. While skilled hikers climb the Eastern Styria’s peaks, families and casual hikers may explore the region at a slower pace – but the Eastern Styria invites exactly that: Conscious exploration, active experience and sensual enjoyment! Idyllic themed hiking trails and interesting nature trails are ideal for getting to know the region. For families in particular, they need to be part of a holiday in the Eastern Styria.

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Hiking on the water

Hiking along bubbling brooks and rippling rivers is especially appealing since you have a constant, cooling companion along the road. Quickly getting your feet wet or having a long drink of spring water – our water hiking trails are great for families, especially in midsummer.



Family and themed trails

Hiking and getting to know the country with its people, flora and fauna is truly enriching. The appeal of themed trails lies in the playful, entertaining acquisition of knowledge – an experience that’s not only good for children!

Accessible trails

These trails are great for families with prams or buggies and guests with limited mobility to enjoy the hiking experience. These trails follow roadways or board walks.

Meditative trails

Our meditative trails are perfect for anyone who wants to get a little more out of hiking. Rather than scaling the peaks, the focus here is on a serene, contemplative hike with stations featuring texts that provide food for thought.



Hiking with dogs

Dogs on a leash are very welcome in Austria’s garden. Hiking trails where dogs will not encounter grazing animals are also provided over the farmed alpine pastures. 




top 10 hiking trails

Our most beautiful, popular and well-known trails in the Eastern Styria are presented here.

hochlantsch-round trip

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Big Raabklamm-round route

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Round walking route Ringwarte

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Rote Wand with tyrnauer alm

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naturpark erlebnisrundweg

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plankogel-round route

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Hüttenwanderung to the hochwechsel

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Small raabklamm

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