Sauna infusion in the Green Au in Eastern Styria | © Grüne Au | Helmut Schweighofer Sauna infusion in the Green Au in Eastern Styria | © Grüne Au | Helmut Schweighofer
Relaxation in Eastern Styria

Garden of tranquility & health

The yearning for warmth, summer, travel, downtime, serenity and rest is great. We crave new experiences and unforgettable moments.

These places we can arrive at still exist. From the resplendent expanse of alpine pastures with the far-off sound of cowbells to places of power, such as a mossy, fresh, silent forest or between millions of blossoms in a sunlit meadow orchard, Eastern Styria reveals the special features of its landscape where hills meet the mountains. Enjoy the herb garden during holidays on the farm, relax in a hotel sauna or walk barefoot on the banks of a burbling brook.

Couple enjoys wellness vacation in the pool of the Jogllandoase in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Klaus Ranger

Wellness in Eastern Styria

For those who mainly want to relax, our wellness facilities have a lot to offer: Immerse yourself in a wildflower bath, sweat in the Swiss pine sauna, and then take a walk in Austria’s garden to whet your appetite for a gourmet dinner – pure rest and recreation in the Eastern Styria adventure region!

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Places of power in Austria's Garden

Many people come to Austria’s garden to pause, take a break and replenish their vital energy. No wonder: The region features a wealth of natural attractions such as meadows, forests and lakes. The places of power are unique, beautiful oases of calm where you can find yourself and enjoy a feeling of harmony and joy.


Eastern Styria is ideal for a fasting cure due to its tranquillity and diverse nature. Therapeutic fasting, for example, cleanses the body in a natural way. The focus is not on weight loss, but on cleansing the body from the inside. This goal is achieved by abstaining from or restricting food intake.

The following businesses in the Austrian garden regularly offer great deals on healing, alkaline or fruit fasting:

Natural show gardens

Eastern Styria is Austria’s garden. Aside from the large landscaped gardens such as alpine gardens, orchards and herb gardens, you can explore smaller, lovely garden paradises. Each of these gardens with its individual history represents the passion of dedicated gardeners. As varied as the gardens may be, they have one thing in common: They are beautiful to behold.
The Natur im Garten Steiermark association’s open garden days and the GartenLust events offer insight and entertainment. “Natur im Garten Steiermark” is a movement that promotes ecological gardens and green spaces in Styria. Prepare to be amazed and impressed.

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Pilgrimage in the Garden of Austria

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