Neuberg Castle in the evening sun | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann Neuberg Castle in the evening sun | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann
The Eastern Styria

Austria's garden

The Eastern Styria exhibits the scenic and cultural diversity of the colourful and dazzling Steiermark as a whole, shaped by the climate, vegetation and a long history.
It’s no coincidence that relics from the Bronze Age, Celtic and Roman times, the early Middle Ages and early modern times are found in many places.

It is no coincidence that relics from the Bronze Age, Celtic and Roman times, from the early Middle Ages to modern times can be found in many places. It is precisely here that the heavens pour a particularly rich cornucopia over the land: a sheer abundance of trees, shrubs and flowers, fruit and wine, cereals and vegetables, herbs and seeds and everything else Mother Nature has to offer thrives all year round on alpine pastures and fields, meadows and forests. These unique landscape gardens come together in Eastern Styria, which is rightly called "The Garden of Austria".

These diverse natural and kitchen gardens merge with the gardens of tranquility and health, exercise, culinary delights and cultural delights to form a whole: the garden of Austria. Gardens are familiar and exotic places at the same time, with thousands of colors and scents. Places of contentment that often lead to the happiness of the moment: such as the fluttering of a lemon butterfly over a flower meadow in the shimmering morning light. Pure inspiration and a beautiful idea of the fulfillment of our dreams. Here in Eastern Styria, you can find all of this in a single large garden. Enjoy your time in the garden of Austria and spend relaxing vacation days with your loved ones.

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Garden of culture

The garden of culture bears witness to the diversity of art and culture. Be enthralled by extraordinary exhibitions and imposing cultural treasures. Stimulating, refreshing cultural programmes and places of interest are complemented by numerous opportunities to experience ancient customs and learn more about the country and its people.

Garden of culinary arts

The region’s products are as varied as the Eastern Styria is multifaceted. ALMO beef, the “Hirschbirne” pear and apples are just three of the region’s culinary highlights. In the Eastern Styria, food and drink are not mere basic needs but a genuine delight for all the senses.

Garden of motion

Opportunities for exercise in the fresh air are found in the Eastern Styria 365 days a year. Prolonged hikes or bicycle tours invite you to explore the floral side of the Eastern Styria’s landscape during the warm months of the year. In the winter, the Eastern Styria is resplendent in white, with small but nice ski resorts and cross-country ski runs that are perfect for families.

Garden of tranquility & health

Wellness and the finest spas, rest, relaxation and replenishment in any weather. Take some time to pamper yourself, indulging in pure relaxation for your body and soul. Enjoy the luxury of nature with us in the Eastern Styria. 

Spring landscape on the Teichalm in Eastern Styria | © Oststeiermark Tourismus | Markus Lang-Bichl

Our two Nature parks

Our farmers in the Pöllauer Tal Nature Park and Almenland Nature Park preserve the cultivated landscape with the help of cattle, sheep and horses. The goal of both nature parks is to preserve the diversity of this landscape through natural use.