Landscape panorama of Weiz in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann Landscape panorama of Weiz in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann
A city to live in


The Weiz region with its unique infrastructure and many destinations is well worth the trip: Shops, boutiques, restaurants and cafés in the town, the marvellous pilgrimage church on the Weizberg, the varied cultural programme at the Weizer Kunsthaus and fascinating natural attractions such as the flowstone caves and the Raabklamm.

The Almenland Nature Park and two other natural attractions are quasi right outside the door: The Grasslhöhle and the Katerloch. Austria’s oldest show cave is situated between Weiz and Arzberg, on the edge of the large Raabklamm. An impressive flowstone world reveals itself here. To give you an idea of the dimensions in the Katerloch, the so-called “Fantasiehalle” alone measures 120 by 85 metres. 

Taborkirche in Weiz in Eastern Styria | © Oststeiermark Tourismus | Bernhard Bergmann

Insider tip for Weiz

The St. Thomaskirche is the oldest preserved structure, emblem and heraldic figure of the city. Romanic at its core, the church was dedicated to Saint Thomas Becket of Canterbury in the year 1188.

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city tours

Discover Weiz in a very special way – with our diverse city tours! Whether you are travelling with your family or want to explore the history of the city alone – we have the right offer for you.

Discover the best destinations

Not only the magnificent buildings of the old town around the tabor are worth a visit, but so is the baroque pilgrimage church on the Weizberg with a spiritual way leading up to it along seven high-energy wells of power. Contemporary perspectives are featured in the Kunsthaus that builds an architectural bridge to modernity in the midst of the old town. With the Katerloch and Grasslhöhle, discoverers and explorers are sure to get their money’s worth.

Get active in Weiz

A network of hiking and biking trails with excellent signage awaits walkers, recreational hikers, Nordic walkers and cyclists. The Pope Francis pilgrimage trail from Graz to Weiz is a contemplative route, summiteers tackle the Patscharundweg among others, and many different tours are offered for cyclists.

A city brimming with vital energy

Weiz itself offers numerous art, technology and history attractions. Businesses welcome you to the district capital. Numerous events, such as the famous Weizer Mulbratl Festival or the magical Weiz Christmas Market, are held in Weiz throughout the year.


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