Geierwandweg mit Blick auf dem Stubenbergsee | © Oststeiermark – TV ApfelLand-Stubenbergsee Geierwandweg mit Blick auf dem Stubenbergsee | © Oststeiermark – TV ApfelLand-Stubenbergsee

Vulture Wall Trail

A panoramic hike in the beautiful Apfelland- StubenbergseeFantastic views of the Stubenbergsee and over the East Styrian hill country are guaranteed.
  • Lake Stubenberg  
  • View of Herberstein Castle and the Herberstein Gorge at the "Kranzl"   
  • and the nature reserve Feistritzklamm



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
6,1 km
2:00 h
255 hm
222 hm
640 m
Highest point
386 m
Lowest point

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By car   

Coming from Vienna:   

Via the Südautobahn (A2) to the Hartberg exit - via Bundesstraße (B54) in the direction of Graz - 2 km after Kaindorf in the direction of Graz turn off in the direction of ApfelLand-Stubenbergsee.   

Coming from Salzburg/Germany:   

Freeway via Salzburg - Pyhrnautobahn (A9) to Graz - continue via Südautobahn in the direction of Vienna (A2) to the Gleisdorf West exit - Bundesstraße (B54) to Kaibing - ApfelLand-Stubenbergsee.

The path is marked with no. 23 First, we follow the right bank of the Feistrit as far as the inn "Der neue Waldhof". Now it really starts, because the trail climbs sharply from here.Until we reach the highest point of the Geierwand, the trail leads us exclusively through a beautiful mixed forest. Once we reach the highest point, we are rewarded with a breathtaking view of Lake Stubenberg and the surrounding area. After a short rest, which we have earned, we continue. The descent initially runs along the edge of the forest and then continues on meadows, past farmsteads and through a short stretch of forest to the Heinrichhöhe/ Kranzl viewpoint.From here we have a unique view of Herberstein Castle (this bird's eye view is well deserved).After this fantastic impression we take from this imposing building, we continue to the "Holy Grave". On this beautiful place there are three chapels. Here a quiet, beautiful place is revealed to us, which invites us to linger. From here we go downhill, where we are accompanied by Stations of the Cross that lead us through a beech forest, whose circumference can only amaze us. After leaving the forest, we pass the Rosalia Chapel on the outskirts of St. Johann bei Herberstein and then walk a short distance until we reach the parish church of St. Johann bei Herberstein.In order not to go back the same way, after leaving the village of St. Johann bei Herberstein, we can return to the starting point "Der neue Waldhof" along the cycle path R8 in the direction of the Herberstein Zoo.
Unique viewpoint is at the highest point of this hike on the Vulture Wall.
Bus:Direct bus connections from the provincial capital Graz and the federal capital Vienna.


With SAM, trips to sights or pick-up after a hike become possible for everyone.

SAM- shared cab in ApfelLand-Stubenbergsee

Lake parking lot- Feistritz bridge
Tourism Association Eastern Styria

Office ApfelLand- Stubenbergsee

8223 Stubenberg at the lake 5

Tel.:+43 3176 8882


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What the weather will be like

Stubenberg (443m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Sunny and cloudy periods will alternate throughout the day.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.
-8°C -1°C
-8°C 2°C
-7°C 3°C
GenussCard Steiermark | © Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark, Harald Eisenberger

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