Hiking with a dog in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Rene Strasser Hiking with a dog in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Rene Strasser

Hiking with dog

Dogs are welcome to enjoy hikes on leash or wearing a muzzle. Hiking trails across farmed alpine pastures are an exception and should only be taken outside the grazing season.

Humanity’s best friend – generally a member of the family – is welcome to join hikes in the Eastern Styria adventure region. However, please consider that other hikers are also on the trail and not everyone is comfortable with dogs. So please be sure to keep your dog on a leash or wearing a muzzle at all times. Poop bags are a must to ensure the trails are kept clean and farmers can use the feed along the way. 


for our four-legged friends

Dog-friendly hiking trails away from steep mountains or grazing animals for a holiday with your pet.

Dogs and grazing animals

Special caution is essential when hiking across grazed alpine pastures with a dog. If you must cross farmed alpine pastures with your pet, keep the dog on a short leash and let go immediately if attacked by cattle.

Hiking along the Brühlbach in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann

Eastern Styria - hikeable and likeable

Numerous mountain peaks, pristine alpine meadows, circular trails with views and accommodations, hikes through orchards or tours of urban parks are found throughout the Eastern Styria. An overview of all hiking trails in Austria’s garden is found in our tours portal.

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