Art house in Weiz | © Kunsthaus Weiz | Kunsthaus Weiz Art house in Weiz | © Kunsthaus Weiz | Kunsthaus Weiz

carden of culture

The Eastern Styria was shaped by a long and eventful history. Numerous castles and palaces scattered throughout Austria’s garden were built in medieval times. Today’s “Castle Road” presents exactly these historic buildings and the unique history behind them.

The Eastern Styria is among the regions with the densest concentration of castles and palaces in Europe. Numerous mysterious underground passageways, tunnels, cairns and figure stones also wait to be discovered along with marvellous pilgrimage sites, shrines, chapels and churches with their Gothic and mostly baroque décor. 

The garden of culture keeps on growing, with numerous museums and exhibitions featuring both ancient and newer folk culture as well as contemporary art, alongside unique collections and cabinets of curiosities. Cultural events complete the programme, especially in the Kunsthaus Weiz and forumKloster in Gleisdorf, the Summer of Culture in Hartberg and the Huab’n-Theater on the Brandlucken.

Eastern Styria turns out to be a true treasure garden for all those who are looking for cultural delicacies and art in all its wonderful diversity.

Towns with atmosphere

Friedberg, Hartberg, Weiz and Gleisdorf – each town has its own story to tell. One thing they have in common is a charming old town core peppered with shops, pubs and places of interest.

Christmas magic in Hartberg in Eastern Styria | © Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann

Strolling through the towns

There are many ways to enjoy the towns, from strolling, sauntering and whiling away time to your heart’s content to spending time in nature outside the town gates. Cosy outdoor dining areas and the small boutiques and shops invite you to linger.

City life