Aerial view of swimming lake Friedberg | © Marktgemeinde Pinggau | Leopold Bartsch Aerial view of swimming lake Friedberg | © Marktgemeinde Pinggau | Leopold Bartsch
Water fun on hot summer days

Water adventure in the Eastern Styria

Seasons in the Eastern Styria: A bit of spring, autumn and winter, and a really long summer. Refreshing lakes, bathing ponds and outdoor pools provide refreshment when temperatures rise in the summer months. Even in wet weather, water not only comes from above. Numerous indoor pools and nearby thermal springs invite you to enjoy bathing all year round.

Water fun at Lake Stubenberg in Eastern Styria | Bernhard Bergmann | © Oststeiermark Tourismus, Bernhard Bergmann

Refreshing water fun

Give me a swimming lake and I won’t need the ocean.
Dozens of small and larger bathing oases in Austria’s garden are guaranteed to cool you down in the heat of summer. Families have no need to board a plane to enjoy an exciting day on the water. The Eastern Styria has plenty to offer: Swimming lakes, paddle boat rentals, playgrounds, shady rest areas, restaurants and bathing buffets. Some lakes have a sandy beach and the Gleisdorfer Wellenbad even features surf. What more could you want?

The fascination of water

You not only want to experience the element of water in an indoor- or outdoor pool, but from a completely different side? Then Austria’s garden is just the thing for you! On a hike through the Raabklamm, along the Wasserweg in Miesenbach or elsewhere in the Eastern Styria, you can explore the fascination of water from a whole different perspective.

Swimming in Eastern Styria

Water rinses the dust from your soul - whether outdoors or indoors in the warm indoor pool!

Swimming Lake Passail_Water Playground_Eastern Styria | © Freizeitzentrum Passail
  • Passail

Swimming Lake and recreational facility Passail

There is a lot to experience and discover at the Passailer bathing lake and in the leisure center. The large swimming...
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Swimming pool Pernegg_Pool_Eastern Styria | © Gemeinde Pernegg
  • Pernegg

Outdoor Pool Pernegg

The outdoor pool of the municipality of Pernegg an der Mur is located in the center of Kirchdorf. There is a heated...
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Großsteinbach_Lake2_Eastern Styria | © Gemeinde Großsteinbach
  • Großsteinbach

Chess Flower World Leisure Centre

The 3 ha recreational lake with very good water quality invites you to swim, enjoy and relax in Eastern Styria!
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recreationallake Mönichwald_view_Eastern Styria | © Freizeitsee Mönihcwald
  • open today
  • Waldbach-Mönichwald

Recreationallake Mönichwald

The swimming lake in Mönichwald belongs to the "Seegasthof Breineder" and offers guests and visitors a chance to cool...
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Stubenbergsee_Lake_Eastern Styria | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark
  • open today
  • Stubenberg

Stubenberg Lake

Leisure paradise Stubenbergsee
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Wave pool_sports pool_Eastern Styria | © Stadtgemeinde Gleisdorf_Tourismusverband Oststeiermark
  • open today
  • Gleisdorf

Wave pool Gleisdorf

The wave pool in the Gleisdorf swimming pool has given the wave pool its name for decades.
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recreationallake Ratten_lake_Eastern Styria | © Freizeitsee Ratten
  • open today
  • Ratten

Recreationallake Ratten

The swimming lake is a few minutes' walk from the center of Ratten and invites you to relax and have fun.
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Swimming pool Fladnitz_Pool_Eastern Styria | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark
  • Fladnitz an der Teichalm

Outdoor Pool Fladnitz/Teichalm

The outdoor pool of the municipality of Fladnitz an der Teichalm is located directly in the center below the Gasthof...
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