Backhendl at the Marktheurigen Strobl in Eastern Styria | © Marktheuriger Strobl | Philipp Seidnitzer Backhendl at the Marktheurigen Strobl in Eastern Styria | © Marktheuriger Strobl | Philipp Seidnitzer
Dishes with regional ingredients


The dishes served at these establishments put the Styrian attitude to life on your plate. “Kulinarium Steiermark” is an award that stands for regional quality and identify. High-quality and always seasonal products from the region take centre stage in preparing the food. Thus you can taste and enjoy the full spectrum of what the Steiermark has to offer.

Beef salad in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann

The seal with the green heart

The “Kulinarium Steiermark” seal of quality encompasses ten promises for your enjoyment. Gastronomy establishments in the Eastern Styria consciously design their menus according to these criteria, offering hearty and modern dishes that delight the palate year-round. Sustainability plays an important role alongside the use of regional ingredients and products. This starts with the beverages and ends with dessert. Our motto: The taste of Styria.

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Certified establishments in Austria’s garden.

Aside from their hearty hospitality, these establishments stand for unmistakable, regional culinary art.

Forellenhof Joglland_Erich and Sonja_Eastern Styria | © Forellenhof Joglland
  • open today
  • Rettenegg

Forellenhof Joglland

The Forellenhof Joglland in Rettenegg is known for its fish menu. Erich and Sonja Tösch also devote themselves to fish...
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Restaurant Waldhof Muhr_Hausansicht_Oststeiermark | © Restaurant Waldhof Muhr/Helmut Schweighofer
  • open today
  • Pöllauberg

Restaurant Waldhof Muhr

The restaurant Waldhof Muhr in the Nature Park Pöllau Valley is a great venue for gourmets.
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Nature hotel Bauernhofer_House_Eastern Styria | © Naturhotel Bauernhofer
  • open today
  • Anger

Restaurant im Naturhotel Bauernhofer

Wild garlic in spring, mushrooms and blackberries in summer, game in autumn and herb varieties in winter - nature in...
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Retter Bio-Restaurant_Hausansicht_Oststeiermark | © Retter Bio-Restaurant
  • open today
  • Pöllauberg

RETTER Organic-Restaurant

Right at the heart of Eastern Styria, in the Nature Park Pöllau Valley you can find the climate-neutral, organic...
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pleasure inn Willenshofer_family_Eastern Styria | © Genussgasthof Willenshofer
  • open today
  • St. Kathrein am Hauenstein

Pleasure inn Willenshofer

In the "Genussgasthof Willenshofer" in St. Kathrein am Hauenstein, head-chef Stefan perfectly combines Styrian seasonal...
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Restaurant Haider_House_Eastern Styria | © Restaurant Haider/Helmut Schweighofer
  • Pöllau

Restaurant Haider

For a few years now the restaurant Haider in Pöllau has been in the hands of the younger generation who...
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Predingerhof_Barbecue_Eastern Styria
  • open today
  • Weiz

Restaurant Predingerhof

At the Predingerhof, the Fladl family relies on pub classics, but also on AlmoBeiried, leg of lamb steak or Styrian...
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Inn Willingshofer_House_Eastern Styria | © Landgasthof Willingshofer
  • open today
  • Gasen

Country Inn Willingshofer

Well-tried delicacies and tasty new interpretations are conjured up at Gasthof Willingshofer: traditional Styrian...
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