Smokehouse in Anger in Eastern Styria | © Rauchstubenhaus | Kernmayer Smokehouse in Anger in Eastern Styria | © Rauchstubenhaus | Kernmayer
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Natur Park experiences

Get to know the Pöllauer Tal Nature Park and Almenland Nature Park in a very special way during the nature park experiences.

Unlike national parks, nature parks are cultivated landscapes created by people. While a national park’s core area is no longer used for agriculture or forestry, but is intended to become a wilderness, maintaining a nature park requires human effort. The goal of every nature park is to preserve the diversity of the cultivated landscape through natural use. In contrast to the core areas of national parks, guests are expressly invited to the nature parks.

The nature park hosts, producers of our nature park specialities and the nature guides, who identify with the philosophy of the nature parks and strive to teach guests about it, are our ambassadors.

Nature Park Experiences at a glance

As desired, you can enter the vacation period here and choose between the regions of the two nature parks Almenland and Pöllauer Tal.