Farm shop with apple products in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann Farm shop with apple products in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann
100% Eastern Styria

Regional products

The region’s products are as varied as the Eastern Styria is multifaceted. ALMO beef, the “Hirschbirne” pear and apples are just three of the region’s culinary highlights. In the Eastern Styria, food and drink are not mere basic needs but a genuine delight for all the senses.

From the sizzle of a fresh brown trout on the grill to the sweet fragrance of dessert garnished with blossoms – not only is your palate pampered here, your eyes, ears and all your senses are invited on the culinary journey as well. Products typical for the region, some of which are produced exclusively in and around the Eastern Styria, are also reflected in the diverse landscape of Austria’s garden.

The essence of the Eastern Styria

From runner beans to the “Hirschbirne” pear or ALMO beef, when it says Eastern Styria, it contains 100 per cent Eastern Styria. This is thanks to the many small operations committed to quality over quantity

Pöllauer Hirschbirne

The Pöllauer Hirschbirne is an ancient Styrian pear variety with a roundish shape and bitter-sweet flavour. Traditionally the pears were distilled, dried or fermented to make cider. Today, farmers and local producers turn the pears into delicacies including pear juice, pure fine brandy, vinegar, jam and “Kletzen” (dried pears).

Eastern Styria apples

Fresh, juicy, Styrian! The perfect description of apples from the Eastern Styria. “Styria’s fruit of paradise” is highly varied, ranging from sweet to slightly acidic to aromatic. The Eastern Styria is also Styria’s largest apple growing region and home to the “Steirische Apfelstraße”.


"Steirischer Kren" horseradish

Styrian horseradish features a spicy flavour with a unique sharpness. Freshly grated, it goes with the “Brettljause” cold snack plate at every wine tavern. It is also great in soups, sauces and spreads. 

"Käferbohne" runner bean

The runner bean or scarlet runner sets itself apart with a fine, creamy consistency and slightly nutty flavour. Around 95 per cent of all Austrian runner beans come from the Eastern Styria. The runner bean is commonly served in wine taverns as a salad with pumpkin seed oil and vinegar. St. Ruprecht an der Raab features an experience trail with information and interesting facts about the runner bean.

Styrian pumpkin seed oil

Styrian pumpkin seed oil, also known as the “green gold of the Steiermark”, is mainly used in salads and cold dishes. This culinary speciality of the Steiermark features a dark green colour with a unique flavour and nutty fragrance. 

Weizer mountain lamb and mutton

The gentle and esteemed use of resources and raw materials is an important aspect for Weizer sheep farmers. Ethical animal husbandry and slaughtering at the right time lends Weizer lamb its tender, fine-grained texture and mild yet aromatic flavour. Sheep farmers only keep as many animals as they can feed with the farm’s own production.

ALMO beef

ALMO oxen are raised on the alpine pastures in the Almenland Nature Park using ethical animal husbandry practices. Their diet of the finest herbs and grasses is reflected by the quality of the meat. The tender beef is fine-grained, delicately marbled and aged in a special process that forms the final stage of the extensive, sustainable production process.

Direct marketers and farm stores

We pamper you with culinary delights made from regional products. If you have always wanted to know what an Eastern Styria “Hefennigl” is, for instance, you should definitely plan to visit the Rauchstubenhaus in Anger during your stay in the Eastern Styria.

Fruit growing Pangerl_house view_Eastern Styria | © Obstbau Pangerl
  • Puch bei Weiz

Obstbau Pangerl

We are all about the apple!
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Farm-gate sales_Aplple_Eastern Styria | © Lederer
  • Ebersdorf

Farm-gate sales Fam. Günther & Claudia Lederer

Ex-farm sale with the Lederer family - simply tastes good!
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Butchery Ritter_Owners_Eastern Styria | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark
  • Pöllau

Butcher Ritter

Gasthaus Fleischerei Birgit Ritter in East Styria in the Pöllauer Tal Nature Park.
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St. Johanner Bauernmarkt_Gemüse_Oststeiermark | © St. Johanner Bauernmarkt
  • St. Johann i. d. Haide

St. Johanna farmer's market

Attention new location: Kirchenwirt St. Johann i.d. Haide
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BS Haubenwaller_Hausansicht_Oststeiermark | © Buschenschank Haubenwaller/Helmut Schweighofer
  • open today
  • Pöllauberg

Buschenschank Haubenwaller

Hiking through the Nature Park Pöllau Valley up to the pilgrimage site Pöllauberg you can enjoy some refreshments...
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Greißlerei_salesroom_Eastern Styria | © Naturhotel Bauernhofer
  • Anger

Greißlerei in der Brandluckner Huabn

In the Geißlerei, across from the Naturhotel Bauernhofer on the Brandlucken, you will find the pure treasures of the...
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Forest homeathonig_Mr. Brandl_Eastern Styria | © AMA Genuss Region
  • open today
  • St. Kathrein am Hauenstein

Forest homeathonig beekeeping Brandl

The Waldheimathonig apiary is operated in St. Kathrein am Hauenstein by the Brandl family as an agricultural sideline....
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Organic farm Lebenbauer_Vegetables_Eastern Styria | © pixabay
  • Hartberg

Organic farm Lebenbauer

Organic products: bread and baked goods, fruit and vegetables, plants, grain and grain products, hemp products, oils...
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Snack at the Bratlalm in Eastern Styria | Bernhard Bergmann | © Oststeiermark Tourismus, Bernhard Bergmann

Eastern Styria market

Order the delicious products from Austria’s garden for delivery to your home any time at the Eastern Styria Market. It is little wonder that a region as diverse as the Eastern Styria, aside from its scenic landscape and cultural riches, provides a wide variety of culinary treasures.  

Indulgence for at home