Romanesque charnel house in winter dress | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann Romanesque charnel house in winter dress | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann
Eastern Styria. Land of nature and culture

Cultural treasures

Eastern Styria is equally rich in natural resources and cultural treasures. Step into a treasure trove and travel across the centuries and millennia. Eventful journeys through time harbour many surprises.

Eastern Styria is a land of nature and culture. It wholeheartedly confirms the adage that one cannot exist without the other. Only where nature and culture form a cohesive whole can one enjoy the good life. This was already recognised by the Romans. As Eastern Styria’s first winegrowers, they enjoyed life in the luxurious country houses. Their era is documented by the Villa Rustica excavation site on Eastern Styria’s Roman Wine Road.  

Explore the rich and varied sacral landscape with the help of a digital trip planner and audio guide as you go “organ hiking” from church to church. Experience the enjoyment of authentic art and culture. The mystic Joglland reveals itself along the Lochstein-loop trail. Eastern Styria’s megalith centre is situated around Strallegg and Miesenbach, extending to Wenigzell. A few hundred of the striking stones are found here at the edges of fields, next to ancient trees, near farms, shrines and wayside crosses.
Hundreds of secrets slumber underground and on the surface around Vorau. The many “private” tunnels known by the name of “Erdstall” are especially mysterious. They can be viewed in the course of guided tours offered by the Sub Terra Vorau association. There is a museum in the Waldturm of the Vorau Abbey. After uncovering Eastern Styria’s jungle along the way, a tour leads to the mystic Lost Place around the Waxenegg ruin, culminating in culinary delights at the Rauchstubenhaus. A “Häfennigl” (tasty cake from a pot) is prepared and enjoyed over the open fire in the hearth.
Holidays in Eastern Styria are refined by overnight stays in extraordinary accommodations, ranging from the Waggonhotel or the chambers of Schielleiten Castle and Aichberg Castle to the historic walls of Neuhaus Castle or the silence of the Vorau Abbey. Eastern Styria is multifaceted.

En route to sacral art

Churches & Chapels

Eastern Styria features numerous routes, from historic pilgrimage trails to spiritual hikes. They extend from the Vorau Abbey to the Pöllauberg pilgrimage church to “Styria’s St. Peter’s Cathedral” to the basilica on the Weizberg. Hike the Pope Francis pilgrimage trail to the Maria Trost basilica near Graz.

Find all churches & chapels here.

Where history comes to life

Museum & finds

Searching for historic traces in Eastern Styria is an adventure. Arcane finds arouse curiosity. Fascinating places that tell stories of changing times. Where have we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?

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Art to Zeitgeist

From a to Z

From workshops centred on personal creativity to courses teaching ancient artisanal techniques, skilfully put into practice. A wealth of choices! Art and imagination know no bounds.

From regional permanent exhibitions to insightful perspectives at changing venues – always exciting. Radiation as a path through time can be explored in the Echophysics permanent exhibition in Pöllau Castle. Feed your curiosity.

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Ceramic workshop Eva Mayer_Tone_Eastern Styria | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark/Bernhard Bergmann
  • open today
  • Hartberg

Ceramic workshop Eva Mayer

The ceramics workshop is located in Hartberg in East Styria on the Römerweinstraße, an old cultural landscape at the...
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Pilgrimage church_Church_Eastern Styria | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark
  • open today
  • Hartberg

Pilgrimage church Maria Lebing

The pilgrimage church looks back on almost 600 years of history.
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Castle Neuhaus_Eastern Styria | © Burg Neuhaus
  • Stubenberg

Burg Neuhaus

After around thirty years of restoration, it is no longer marked on the maps as a "ruin", but as a "castle" again, as...
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Particularium_Station I_Eastern Styria | © echophysics
  • open today
  • Pöllau


The Particularium addresses pressing and current questions of energy production.
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Pilgrimage Church_Church_Eastern Styria | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark
  • open today
  • Grafendorf

Pilgrimage Church of St. Pancratens

Great vantage point over the East Styrian hills to Burgenland. A panoramic view also gives a view of the Wechsel massif...
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Themengärten PB_Zimmer mit Aussicht_Oststeiermark | © TV Naturpark Pöllauer Tal
  • open today
  • Pöllauberg

Observation Point: Pilgrimage Church Pöllauberg

Visit the observation point either behind or next to the pilgrimage church Pöllauberg.
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Hartberg Castle_Flowers_Eastern Styria | © TV Hartbergerland
  • Hartberg

Hartberg Castle

The castle, whose oldest walls were built of Romanesque ashlars, is considered the secular nucleus of the town of...
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Folklore museum_Dolls_Eastern Styria | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark
  • open today
  • Pöllau

Museum of Folklore

The museum has three exhibition rooms with a large collection of household items. 
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Church Heilbrunn_exterior view_Eastern Styria | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark
  • open today
  • Anger

Heilbrunn pilgrimage church

Heilbrunn is a place of contemplation, reflection and encounter. This is what the pilgrimage church, the Gnadenbrunnen...
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Aegydius Chapel_Chapel outside_Eastern Styria | © Ägydiuskapelle
  • open today
  • Fischbach

Aegydius Chapel

The chapel is freely accessible via a steep path.
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Pilgrimage_church_outside_Eastern_Styria | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark
  • open today
  • Feistritztal


The pilgrimage church Maria Fieberbründl is known far beyond the Styrian borders. The Fieberbründl is said to have...
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Rock art museum_interior_Eastern Styria | © Felsenbildmuseum - Steinmuseum
  • Strallegg

Rock Art Museum - Stone Museum Strallegg

The Strallegger picturestone, with interesting engravings.
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Concert at Jazzkeller in Weiz | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann

Cultural events

In Eastern Styria, nature and culture simply go together. Enjoy culture in nature at authentic sites, often under the open sky. Allow yourself to be enchanted.

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