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    Our brand partners stand for quality and regionality

    Southern Styrian QUality Brands

    Quality and origin of the products or services are the focus of the "Südsteiermark Qualität" (Southern Styrian Quality) brand. By buying regional products, consumers can contribute to supporting the regional economy, regional agriculture and regional tourism.

    In the food and culinary sector, besides the demand for freshness and quality, the origin of products is an important factor. In the economic sector, production in the region is an important value-added factor that creates jobs and income, and sets impulses for a continuing value-added chain. Due to the long-standing trend of sourcing raw materials and products from within the region, regional identity values are usually also preserved or created, such as through the production of products typical of the region, through products from typical cultural landscapes or through the involvement of regional crafts and production companies.

    Many also appreciate the climate and environmental factors of regional production, which benefit from the use of raw materials from the region or short transport routes.

    Take a look and convince yourself quality partners' products - we are already convinced!

    Our partner companies

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    Ab sofort Insektenfrei! | © Zink Insektenschutz
    • open today
    • Heiligenkreuz am Waasen

    Ab sofort Insektenfrei - Zink Insektenschutz

    Insect-free from now on! Toxic-free - made to measure - no more cleaning light wells - quality of life within your own...
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    Wolfgang Thomann von der Brennerei Aeijst | © RM SW GmbH | webquartier.at
    • St. Nikolai im Sausal


    Aeijst is a Styrian gin. Named after the dialect word for branches. Behind it is the Thomann family - Wolfgang, Markus,...
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    Südsteiermark Wasser | © Aufhauser
    • Eibiswald

    Aufhauser "Der Getränkeerzeuger"

    The Aufhauser company has been producing lemonade for over 100 years. But also wines, beers, mineral waters, fruit...
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    Kaffee & Croissant | © AdobeStock_270222935_Cafehaus
    • open today
    • St. Veit in der Südsteiermark

    Bäckerei & Café Altenburger

    Baking like back then, honest handcraft, without any additives. Just time and love - results in taste. Do something...
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    Bäckerei Masser | © Bäckerei Masser
    • St. Johann im Saggautal

    Bäckerei - Cafe Masser

    "Honestly" fresh and with great responsibility, we process regional ingredients by hand and with great attention to...
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    Der Südsteirische Baumspezialist | © Baumpflege Robier
    • open today
    • Lebring-St. Margarethen

    Baumpflege Robier - Der Südsteirische Baumspezialist

    How to make trees strong!
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    Firma Betko | © RMSW GmbH
    • Preding

    BETKO - Die Gschwinden

    As a flagship company, we are a reliable contact for our customers. We are a high-quality provider in the field of...
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    Biken mit Bikee E-Bikes | © RM SWS GmbH | webquartier.at
    • Wagna

    bikee E-Bike Schmiede GmbH

    The highest quality, years of experience in bicycle manufacturing, development of innovative technologies and...
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    Familie Wiener von Brunnwald´s Hofladen | © RM SW GmbH | webquartier.at
    • Schwarzautal

    Brunnwaldl's Hofladen

    On our small farm in southern Styria, life is still in order - for people and animals.
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    Kollerhof am Eichberg | © Kollerhof am Eichberg | Fam. Lieleg
    • open today
    • Leutschach an der Weinstraße

    Buschenschank-Weingut-Gästezimmer Kollerhof am Eichberg

    Kollerhof am Eichberg It all begins in the vineyard, in the middle of nature. Nature and the endless expanses of vines...
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    • open today
    • Groß Sankt Florian

    Da Albrecherhof

    Our dyllic farm is located in Groß St. Florian. Many animals have found a home with us at the adventure farm. Our farm...
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    Keramik von Maria Ledam | © RMSW GmbH
    • Heimschuh

    Des bin i Keramik - Maria Ledam

    Ceramics made by hand. With much skill, from noble material and with especially much love.
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    Quality and regionality are trademarks of Southern Styria

    Southern Styrian Quality - A trademark

    Southern Styria is known for its wine and its inexhaustible hospitality. But that's not all because the region has much more to offer: numerous activities for culture and sports enthusiasts, places that tell ancient stories, regionally based and internationally successful companies that stand for innovation, sustainability and education, paradisiacal recreational areas and wine that unites nature, culture and humanity in Southern Styria as a regional flagship product.

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    Die Südsteiermark präsentiert sich vielfältig und facettenreich. Und so sind auch die Geschichten rund um den südlichsten Teil der Steiermark: spannend, abenteuerlustig, inspirierend, witzig, geschmackvoll, interessant und sympathisch. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst und lesen Sie Geschichten, die das südsteirische Leben schreibt.

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