Katerloch | © Steiermark Tourismus | Gery Wolf Katerloch | © Steiermark Tourismus | Gery Wolf
Nature juwels in Styria

Natural phenomenas

Every once in a while, a natural phenomenon occurs that leaves us humans in awe. Steiermark, Styria, is the home of some of these little wonders, which are unique in their appearance and nature.

Natural phenomena are conspicuous events or occurrences that are formed by or related to natural causes. World-famous examples include the Northern Lights in Scandinavia or the geysers in Iceland.

Steiermark, Styria, also offers some phenomena of its own, that can truly be classified as small natural wonders. In Bad Blumau, for example, there is an oak tree that was already bearing leaves in the Early Middle Ages – it is estimated to be a thousand years old – thus, making it the oldest tree in Europe. Other wonders come from the field of geology: Two dripstone caves in Steiermark, Styria, are considered to be truly unique creations because of their extraordinary size, their dripstones and their history of origin.

Speaking of history: According to the myth, the Devil's Stone in the Fischbach Alps was created by none other than Satan himself. It is said that Lucifer wanted to escape hell and God only allowed him to do so if he could build a ladder that reaches all the way to heaven. His attempt failed, but three boulders remained. Today, numerous hikes lead to the Devil’s Stone, which is probably the oddest peak of Steiermark, Styria.

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Der Teufelstein | Johann Zink | © Tourismus Fischbach
Fischbach medium Open
Route 8,7 km
Duration 3:30 h


Wilder Gamsbach in der Nothklamm in Gams bei Hieflau | Stefan Leitner | © TV Gesäuse
Gesäuse easy Open
Route 5,0 km
Duration 2:15 h

GeoPath with nothklamm gorge and stone ball mill

Accessible by public transport
1000jährige Eiche | J. Rath | © Kurkommission Bad Blumau
Bad Blumau easy Open
Route 6,4 km
Duration 1:50 h

Nature tour (Nat(o)ur)

Accessible by public transport
Wandern am Koralm-Kristall-Trail | TV Lipizzanerheimat/EU | © Region Graz
Murtal challenging Open
Route 75,6 km
Duration 21:00 h

Koralm Crystal Trail

View from the Pöllauberg pilgrimage church into the valley in Eastern Styria | Helmut Schweighofer | © Oststeiermark Tourismus
Pöllauberg medium Open
Route 20,5 km
Duration 5:00 h

Pankratius Way, Pöllauberg

view from the gösser, Eastern Styria | (c) Günther Steininger | © (c) Günther Steininger
Naas medium Open
Route 4,5 km
Duration 1:45 h

Gösser circular hiking trail

Etappe_08_Leitner_Geozentrum019 | Tourismusverband Gesäuse | © TV Gesäuse
Landl medium Open
Route 24,0 km
Duration 7:51 h

Lynx Trail - Stage 08 Mooslandl-Palfau