In the Silberkarklamm, Ramsau am Dachstein | © Steiermark Tourismus | Martina Haselwander In the Silberkarklamm, Ramsau am Dachstein | © Steiermark Tourismus | Martina Haselwander
Nature juwels in Styria

Flowing waters and gorges

Flowing waters and gorges are ten a penny in Styria. But only some of them are allowed to flow freely and naturally. They ripple and roar, break over waterfalls or flow leisurely through the meadows and are beautiful to watch or experience.

If there is something that Styria doesn’t have too little of, it is rivers, streams, wetlands and meadows. These natural treasures invite you to take in the scenery, explore the countless ravines or just listen to the flowing waters. There are opportunities to take a canoe trip on the Salza, Enns, Mur or Sulm – alternatively, one can just wade and splash around in the waters.

Speaking of water: The metropolis of Vienna is largely supplied by the high spring water from Styria. The headwater of the 1st Viennese mountain spring pipeline covers the area of Schneeberg, Rax and Schneealpe and the headwater of the 2nd Viennese mountain spring pipeline include the mountain range of Hochschwab. The sanctuaries for the protection of water resources cover a total of 675 km². They are thus larger than the area of Vienna. But that's not all: One third of Graz's drinking water comes directly from the Hochschwab. It takes two days for the water (5.4 million m³ annually) to flow through the 76.5 km long drinking water pipeline to Graz.

And another advantage: On hot summer days, just being near the flowing water offers a pleasantly cool experience. Therefore, hiking through the ravines and along streams and rivers is not a problem – even at higher temperatures. Animals also like to hang around near the water: salamanders, a wide variety of birds and even colourful butterflies can be observed here. Nimble brown hares and curious beavers can also be found around the water worlds.

Note: The Bärenschütz ravine and the Wörschach ravine are closed until 2022 due to necessary construction measures!

Awesome water experinces

© Gesäuse - Palfau
Gesäuse medium Open
Route 2,4 km
Duration 2:30 h


Accessible by public transport
Berggasthof "Steirischer Jockl", Ausblick zum Hochlantsch-Gipfel | Christine Pollhammer | © Naturpark Almenland
Oststeiermark medium Closed
Route 17,0 km
Duration 7:00 h

Gesäuse easy Open
Route 5,0 km
Duration 2:15 h

GeoPath with nothklamm gorge and stone ball mill

Die "klein Luzern" Brücke im Herzen der Klamm | Armin Walcher | © Erlebnisregion Schladming-Dachstein
Schladming-Dachstein easy Closed
Route 4,8 km
Duration 2:00 h

Circular hiking trail through Donnersbach Gorge

Accessible by public transport
50 m steel rope bridge crossing the "Höll" gorge | Herbert Raffalt | © Tourismusverband Schladming - Herbert Raffalt
Schladming-Dachstein medium Closed
Route 16,6 km
Duration 5:03 h

Theme trail Wild Waters

Blick vom Kleinboden zur Schneealm | Andreas Steininger | © TV Hochsteiermark
Sankt Aegyd am Neuwalde medium Open
Route 17,1 km
Duration 7:00 h

Günster Wasserfall | Ewald Siebenhofer | © Ewald Siebenhofer
Murau easy Open
Route 4,0 km
Duration 1:19 h

Geierwandweg mit Blick auf dem Stubenbergsee |  (c) WEGES | © Oststeiermark – TV ApfelLand-Stubenbergsee
Stubenberg medium Open
Route 6,1 km
Duration 2:00 h

Vulture Wall Trail