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Hiking routes in Styria

Whether you are a seasoned sports enthusiast or a leisurely hiker, whether you are planning to go on a family excursion or are looking for a sporty challenge: More than 1,600 hiking trails cover a total of 15,000 kilometres. And they invite you to enjoy a variety of experiences between Dachstein, the Schladming Tauern mountain range, Gesäuse National Park or Hochschwab in the north and the Styrian Wine Country in the south and east.

Families with children are introduced to Styria's nature and culture on around 240 themed trails. The longest of 13 long-distance hiking trails – the northern route "From the Glacier to the Wine" – is a delight on each of its 525 kilometres. There are about 350 mountain huts where you can stop for a break. The highest of them, Seetalerhütte, is located in the Dachstein mountains at 2,740 metres above sea level.

Tip: If you want to save yourself the initial ascent from the valley, there are 17 cable cars and lifts in Styria, which are also open in summer. Numerous toll roads allow you to get to the starting points of many hiking routes in higher altitudes as well.

All hiking routes at a glance

Length in km
Duration in h
Elevation gain/loss
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Blick zurück auf den Gipfel des Zinödls (Richtung Norden) | Tourismusverband Gesäuse | © TV Gesäuse
Johnsbach challenging Open
Route 16,6 km
Duration 8:30 h

Through the Hartelsgraben into Sulzkar and on to Zinödl

Accessible by public transport
Reh auf der Wiese | Lupi Spuma | © Schilcherland Steiermark
Südwest-Steiermark medium Open
Route 1,9 km
Duration 1:00 h

Energy walk (barrier-free)

Mödlingerhütte | Gemeinde Admont | © Gesäuse - Admont
Johnsbach medium Open
Route 16,8 km
Duration 7:00 h

Johnsbach mountain trail

Accessible by public transport
Kalvarienberg | Fred Lindmoser | © Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark easy Open
Route 1,0 km
Duration 0:20 h

Mariazell EYE Views: Kalvarienberg

Accessible by public transport
Christoph Lukas | © Schladming-Dachstein Tourismusmarketing GmbH
Aigen im Ennstal medium Open
Route 10,0 km
Duration 3:00 h


© Gesäuse - Palfau
Palfau medium Open
Route 2,4 km
Duration 2:30 h


Eingang zur Odelsteinhöhle | Tourismusverband Gesäuse | © TV Gesäuse
Johnsbach medium Open
Route 3,0 km
Duration 2:00 h


Maria Schnee auf der Hochalm | HQ Superphoto | © Erlebnisregion Murtal
Seckau medium Open
Route 10,3 km
Duration 4:00 h

Hochalm - Maria Schnee from Seckau

Accessible by public transport
Jedes Marterl erzählt seine eigene Geschichte | Wassler | © TV Erlebnistäler
Kammern im Liesingtal medium Open
Route 11,7 km
Duration 3:15 h

Marterlweg Route 2 (blue)

Plannersee | Schladming Dachstein | © Schladming-Dachstein Tourismusmarketing GmbH
Donnersbach medium Open
Route 8,0 km
Duration 4:00 h

Ridge Hike - high above the Planneralm - 1.588m

Accessible by public transport
Der Planspitz von der Peternscharte | Tourismusverband Gesäuse | © TV Gesäuse
Johnsbach challenging Open
Route 13,5 km
Duration 7:00 h

Via the Wasserfallweg to the Planspitze and via the Heßhütte down to Johnsbach

Blick vom Buschniggweg auf Mariazell | Fred Lindmoser | © Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark easy Open
Route 1,0 km
Duration 0:20 h

Mariazeller Eye Views: Buschniggweg

Accessible by public transport
Glücksplatz auf der Tauplitzalm | Tom Lamm | © Steiermark Tourismus/Tom Lamm
Bad Mitterndorf medium Closed
Route 14,5 km
Duration 5:00 h

Stage 04 From Glacier to Wine North Route Bad Mitterndorf - Tauplitzalm

Blick auf Hallstatt und dem Hallsätter See | Test PiN Austria | © SalzAlpenSteig und -Touren e.V.
Bad Goisern easy Open
Route 12,4 km
Duration 3:11 h

Dachstein circular hiking trail 7th stage

Accessible by public transport
Aich | © ©TVB Haus-Aich-Gössenberg@Herbert Raffalt
Schladming-Dachstein easy Open
Route 7,3 km
Duration 1:50 h

Aich - Weißenbach - Aich

Am Balkon genießt man die herrliche Aussicht | Helga Wiedenhofer | © Unknown
Aflenz easy Open
Route 8,7 km
Duration 2:36 h

Hob mi gern Steig - Aflenz

892 Results