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Offers for a hiking holiday in Styria

The quiet and peaceful surroundings and stunning scenery make your heart beat faster. And with every step you take, the pleasant feeling of being engulfed in nature's beauty becomes more and more prominent. For many, it is precisely this feeling that makes hiking such a special experience. To ensure you can enjoy your time in Styria to the fullest, several hotels have specialised in the needs of hikers.

From a diverse network of trails and various guided hikes to excellent hotels for hikers: If you're planning an active holiday amidst an impressive landscape, that's just what you'll get in Styria. The following offers include everything a hiker's heart desires ...

5 Results
5 Results
Rest on the way to the Tauplitzalm | © Steiermark Tourismus | Pixelmaker

Hiking hotels

For an all-round pleasant hiking holiday in Styria, we recommend staying at one of the region’s many specialised hiking hotels. They offer great services tailored to the needs of hikers, including tour tips, guided group hikes, hiking taxis and more. What’s more, regional delicacies and great wellness offers including saunas, steam baths and massages make it easy to relax after a long hike.

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